Days 78 & 79: whirlwind weekend of mixed success

Good Morning 🙂

What a weekend this one was! There were 2 wedding receptions, one maker faire, one tea with a tiger animal experience, one run and one pilates class!

Everyone knows what wedding receptions are like so I am not spending too much time on that…they provided me with a little dancing but not enough to count so that is all about them. I had one Friday night and one Saturday night.

Saturday  (Day 78)

Maker Faire is something a little different and fewer of you will have heard of it, it is a large (ranging from very to quite) convention where lots of people who create, adapt, make, hack etc all get together to show  the world what it is that they make. I was helping out on my fried Sally’s stand, she does Machine knitting and many creative things using yarn, she has also done some form of computer / knitting machine magic and made them talk to each other so that you can scan a picture then knit it using the machine. It is all pretty awesome and looked like this:

The Marvelous Mechanical Yarn Emporium

For more information on Brighton maker faire go here For more information on Sally’s marvelous knitting go here.

The reason I am telling you about wedding receptions and marvelous knitting, is that these occupied most of my saturday, we had to leave to go to Brighton at 8:30 am and from Brighton to wedding reception number 2 which is the reason that I found myself dragging myself out of bed at 6 am and heading over to the downs link path for a run!

6am! On a Saturday! it is not right…but it happened!

I decided to re run week 5 day 3 of the c25k…the dreaded 20 min run that I nearly completed on Thursday… It was all going so well…I was convincing my legs to keep going, I could breathe ok and the temperature had dropped dramatically to 16ºC so I was in no danger of overheating…

and then I hit 9 minutes…

and my calves decided to start hurting, so I thought, ok…I’ll stop and stretch them and carry on, I have seen people do that, it will be ok…

It wasn’t

the second half of the run was awful! I could hardly run more than 2 mins without having to stop again and walk for a few paces, my feet hurt my calves hurt…it was not a fun experience! I managed 3.6 km but it was not a good run at all!

In retrospect, dragging myself out of bead at 6am after 5hrs and 2 mins sleep in which I woke up 10 times was not a good basis for a run, especially not coupled with the fact that my legs hurt before I started…

anyhow, the positives (I had to search quite hard for them):

I went for 9 mins before it all went wrong…this is a longer run in one go than I have done for 6 years, and close to the longest ever…

I managed to fit a run into a horribly hectic schedule and however bad it felt…I didn’t give up and it made me a little tiny bit fitter.

I will try the 20 min run one more time, then move on…

Sunday (Day 79)

Sunday is pilates day, I was looking forward to it, I always walk out feeling more stretched and aligned and both exercised and rested at the same time 🙂

It was as good as I expected, I am constantly surprised by pilates, it is fun and challenging whilst not being so high impact and has the advantage of not goading my inner cynic like yoga seems to.  It was a good way to start a sunday and left me free to spend the rest of the day looking at these

Snow leopard
Snow leopard


4 thoughts on “Days 78 & 79: whirlwind weekend of mixed success

    1. I hadn’t actually thought of it like that…I was so bogged down with how horrible the second half that I forgot that the first half was good…it took me 2 days to notice that the first 9 mins was the longest I had run…

      Thank you 😀


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