Day 81: Keep on running

Good afternoon 🙂

woohoo 🙂 I had a successful return to running today 🙂 I decided to move on to week 6 day 1 instead of re attempting the 20 min run. I am still at the run walk interval stage of running and I don’t mind that! Today I ran everything I was asked to run without even thought of stopping for an unscheduled break 🙂

Week 6 day 1
Week 6 day 1

Todays intervals were (5 min warm up and cool down) 5 min run / 3 min walk / 8 min run / 3 min walk / 5 min run.

And I did all of them!

The 5 min runs even surprised me because they were easier than I expected! It was the first time I just ran until the app said stop without looking at it in between to find out how long was left. I wasn’t even desperate to stop 🙂

I even…quite enjoyed myself!

I know, what happened to the real me??

well…I think the real me is secretly pleased to be getting fitter…actually the real me is shout it from the roof tops ecstatic to be getting fitter and really really proud of the fact that I could run today’s intervals when 5 1/2 weeks ago I was only just able to run 1 minute intervals!! I have said to people in the past that running is good because you can make progress really quickly and it is easy to see that you are improving…I only slightly believed it until now 😀

On saying that, apparently the further I run the slower I go (according to the app stats) but I don’t care! Running slowly is still running…I guess there are people out there who might say that running slowly is actually jogging …but I say ppppfftttttt!! It is running to me, jogging, as far as I am concerned, only exists if you have more than one running pace! I can t vary my pace in a run without it being a walk so to me…I am running 🙂 (feel free to disagree…it is a free world and all that…but i will argue with you)

I discovered something else today…

there are lots of good running songs out there, lots with a good beat to run to that keep you going and suchlike.

Radiohead’s Street Spirit (Fade Out) is not one of them…amazing song though it is…it has no place in my running mix!

The Boomtown Rats’ I Don’t Like Mondays is not so great either…

let this to be a lesson to you… 😀

there will be more later as I (think I) have Personal training in about an hour!)

Day 81 half complete 😀

Edit: Matt the trainer rescheduled training at the last minute (well the last 1/2 hour) so PT will now be on Thursday and I decided running was enough for a Tuesday 🙂 

So day 81 complete 😀

6 thoughts on “Day 81: Keep on running

  1. Sam, running is running, regardless of the speed. While I technically do have more than one run speed – I call it running even when I’m jogging. Because God knows I can’t hold that “Run” of 6.5 to 7.0 mph for more than a few minutes. 🙂


    1. 😀 I thought as I wrote it that I can technically run more than one speed…I can over short distances go quicker into my equivalent if a sprint…but i agree running is running whatever the speed 🙂


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