Day 82: I got looked at by a black and white corgi

Good morning 🙂

Well what a successful and happy making day yesterday was 🙂 (yes that is good English…shhh) the first and most important thing is, I discovered that there are such things as black and white corgis and they look like this:

Black and white corgi
Black and white corgi

Oh ok…that wasn’t the most important thing I discovered but I really just wanted to put a picture of a black and white corgi (or bob-corgi as they will now be known) up here because he is awesome, and I met one just like him on my run!

So the most important thing I discovered yesterday, is that I can run for 10 minutes…non-stop!

And I did!

and then (after 3 minutes walking) I did it again!!

I was amazed and pleased and very grinny when I finished the first one…and double that of all those things when I finished the second one 🙂 It was week 6 day 2 of the c25k, I was debating repeating day 1 because it made me happy to do it and 10 mins seemed like a long time…especially twice, but I decided to move on and I did it 😀 there was some sort of unspoken agreement set up between me and my legs, I said run for 10 minutes and they dubiously agreed, then to their great surprise managed to just keep going until they had 🙂

happy stats :-)
happy stats 🙂

ok, so i seem to be running slower the longer I go for but i am still going further in my run intervals so that is a plus and I really really don’t care about speed, that, I think is just practice 🙂

I am so happy with this acheivement, I can barely believe it! and to top it all off, just as I thought I might be getting lost in a housing estate (I tried a new route :-S) I met a woman walking her dogs, she smiled at me, in a nice friendly way, not even in a sympathetic you look like you are struggling way. One of her dogs was the aforementioned black and white bob-corgi, which up until yesterday I had no idea existed! He looked at me an a short calm sort of way and then just got on with his crossing the road business! On top of that, the main road materialised and I wasn’t lost!

That was all before the end of my working day! In the evening there was more excitement…it was Wednesday…of course it was dancing day!! Ok it was also Mythago AGM, the dullest dancing day of the year, however…we got it all over and done with in 45 mins and no arguments and got on with the business of dancing 😀

It was an excellent practice, under Kaye our new teaching dances foreman. I pushed the boat out and tried three dances in new positions with a great deal of success! I am almost confident to dance them out in said new places!! As it was a shorter dance session (1 hr 5 mins) there were fewer dances this week, but I did all of them but one so I am pretty pleased! the dances I did were:

Fanny Frail (x2), Star of the county down (x2), Foulmouthed Cat, Spank the Monkey, Our Henry, Witch Hunt and one or two of these were walked through for good measure 🙂

Excellent day 82 complete 😀


4 thoughts on “Day 82: I got looked at by a black and white corgi

  1. Great job! You had a good walking pace too- I think that is where I can definitely work on improving on the program. When I stop to walk, I feel like I’m dying so I think I walk too slow…LOL Anyhow- sounds like you had a great day!! (And black and white corgi’s are adorable!!) 🙂


    1. thanks 🙂
      Funnily enough my walking / recovery time is where I am really noticing that I am getting fitter…I would never have believed I could even walk slowly let alone at a decent pace after a 10 min run if you asked me 6 weeks ago!


  2. Yay Sam! I just finished Wk 6, Day 1 a few hours ago, and then wrote my little heart out in a blog post (to publish tomorrow morning) – psychologically examining why running messes with my head so much. Looking forward to your comments tomorrow! 😉


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