Day 84: resting pilates

Good evening πŸ™‚

I would like to start by saying, that I realised too late what I should have named yesterday’s walk post…It amused me so much that I had to share it with you all now!

2 puss-cats
2 puss-cats

before I make this (probably anticlimactic) statement about the title I should have used, I have to tell you that I saw these two little creatures while I was on my walk. They both stopped and looked at me with deep suspicion…possibly ancicipating the pun that was working its way (slowly) into my head!

OK…are you ready? I should have called my blog post…

A Tale of Two Kitties

hehehe…it amused me any way!

Anyway…moving swiftly onwards…

Today’s activity…

I decided that in after all of the crazyness, I would have a rest day, every one needs one now and again I have heard…but contrary to popular opinion, “rest day” does not have to mean sit around and do nothing day! What it meant today was that I did some pilates and some extra stretching. Β There was no pilates class available to me today, but I remembered that some time ago I borrowed a pilates dvd from my friend Girl Sam ( she is Girl Sam and I am Real Sam, despite me being a girl too, this caused many people some confusion but it is perfectly sensible really)

pilates dvd
pilates dvd

This is the DVD I borrowed, It was quite good, not as good as a class, and I think I got more out of it because I had been to pilates classes before. It was a half hour long DVD and it was organised so that you worked different parts of the body in turn, this way you could move from one exercise to the next without pausing too long between each one.

This particular DVD called for the use of a resistance band, which I did so as to get the whole experience from the DVD. I am not sure the resistance band actually added anything.

As with all Pilates the focus was on stretching muscles and core strength. There were quite a few moves I recognised from my Sunday morning. I could feel each of the exercises working which was a good thing. It was short and not really quite as much of a work out as I would like but it was better than nothing and it allowed me not to make my legs ache before I attempt to run 5k tomorrow πŸ™‚

At the end of the DVD I added on a few of the stretches that Matt the trainer showed me just for good measure πŸ™‚

so on a calm and stretchy way, day 84 complete πŸ™‚

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