Day 86: The Sunday after the race before

Good morning πŸ™‚

I awoke Sunday morning expecting extremely achy legs, and was pleasantly surprised! I had tight calves (but then I always have tight calves) and hamstrings (but they have been tight a lot recently too) but all in all I was not too bad…I guess…practice and extra fitness actually helps when it comes to post running achiness!

Sunday, as you probably know by now, is designated Pilates day, and I saw no reason to change this now! Although I might switch things around next week…just for some variety!

pilates hundred
Pilates hundred

As usual, this Pilates class was focused on posture, core strength and seemingly simple movements that turn out to be really hard!

A good example of this is the Pilates hundred…the picture shows 3 options of body positioning from beginner at the top to advanced at the bottom. What you have to do it lie with your legs raised with your pelvis curled towards you so your back is flat ton the floor…that in its self is harder than it sounds to just hold…then you have to pulse your arms up and down 5 times as you breathe in and 5 times as you breath out, and repeat 10 times…thus 100 pulses, sounds simple. It really isn’t! I started in the intermediate position, but had to drop my head down to finish. It is keeping your back flat to the floor that makes it so hard and so good for your core!

All in all quite a good thing to do on a Sunday morning πŸ™‚

Day 86 Complete πŸ™‚

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