Day 89 (part 2) Sticking like a man

Good morning

The second phase of yesterday’s activity was of course dancing! It was Wednesday, so whatever else happens, there is always dancing πŸ™‚ this is what makes Wednesdays so good! Yesterday’s practice was no exception, lots of dances (11 or 12) with some walk throughs for our new contingent. lots of excellent fun and activity and I got the opportunity to do the dance I am most scared of (labyrinth) and a very familiar dance in a new place.It turned out that both of those things worked fine, although I am still mildly apprehensive of labyrinth as I always manage to a) clout myself on the head with a stick and 2) get dizzy!

The other thing that I got to do was dance Star of the County Down in a manly way! The video above shows Star of The County Down, and I always miss on a couple of the fast sticky bits…however, last week it was noted that women ad men move their sticks differently (men with their whole arm and women with their wrist) so I decided to try sticking like a man…and it worked…I didn’t miss and sticked and danced the whole dance with considerable enthusiasm! It was much fun!!

All the dances I did last night were:

Maiden Castle, Standing Stones, Triskelle, Broomstick (x2), Avebury Ring, Spank the Monkey, Star of the County Down, Labyrinth, Witch Hunt, Fanny Frail.

In an exceedingly manly way Day 89 Complete πŸ˜€

10 thoughts on “Day 89 (part 2) Sticking like a man

  1. Oh Sam, there is so much material I could jump all over here… Spanking the Monkey…Holding your stick like a man would hold his… Ahh…the mind races with possibilities. πŸ˜‰
    I’ll be nice and just say….GREAT JOB today!


    1. haha…at least I didn’t say holding my stick like a man while spanking the monkey… :-p

      next week I can tell you all about the dance called Changeling…nicknamed the Willy Whacking Dance!

      Thank You πŸ˜€ it was a great day!


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