Day 90: trampolines and axes and hoops

Good evening 🙂

Ever have one of those days where you have to actively convince yourself to move, even just a little bit? Well I had one of those today, it was the first one for a while, but I could really have curled up and not moved at all for the whole evening!

I attempted to convince myself to go to the gym…but I couldn’t face all the people!

I wasn’t about to give up though so I devised a workout I could do at home that involved, my mini trampoline, my hula hoop and an axe!

Ok…not all at the same time…that would just be silly!


I started with a warm up on my mini trampoline, which is good and energetic, but without actually being too high impact…my legs were really aching after all the running and dancing!

After this, I engaged in a bit of functional training that I have spoken about before, working out by doing something real…we needed to split some logs, we needed a fire because for some reason it was colder inside our house than it was outside. I chopped logs for about 15 mins, it is extremely energetic and actually made me feel much more awake. Hitting things with an axe is quite satisfying!


After this I went back on the trampoline to get my heart rate up again, followed by some hula hooping, I seem to have improved, I even managed to make a tiny step forward while huling…then I tried another one…and it all went wrong. So from then on I stuck to hulaing while staying in one place 🙂
I finished off with some crunches, some bridges, some leg raises and I did the Pilates hundred for good measure.

I am slightly disappointed with today, but I completed a work out. I will be back on top form tomorrow 🙂

But for now… Day 90 complete 🙂

10 thoughts on “Day 90: trampolines and axes and hoops

      1. hehehe…that is true…and I don’t want to exercise with chopped off bits…and I would have to…I didn’t put any caveats in the project rules for illness or damage!


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