Day 95 fit for fit steps?

Good evening 🙂

Yesterday, the answer to the question fit for fitsteps, was probably not really, but I went anyway 🙂 exercising with a bug is tricky, but I am moderating the amount I do so as not to make it worse.

A while ago I wrote about a taster I did of a class called fit steps (I will put a link in when I remember which post it was :)). According to its own write up this class is:

an easy to learn, fun to do dance/fitness class with a combination of the best known and most popular Latin and Ballroom dances taught in a line dance style so no partners are required.

I quite agree, it is that, and it is fun. It is run at broad brief pudge heath leisure centre by the instructor who not only makes classes fun but also like both my handbag and Dr Who 🙂

The first thing I have to say about this class is it is so much better than Zumba…it was fun and energetic and the people were not taking themselves too seriously! There were two tracks based on the cha cha cha, two on the waltz and two on the jive…it was certainly a good work out! Yesterday, in my slightly under par state, I was very pleased it was a 45 min class!

Not too wordy today, just letting you know that day 95 is complete 😀

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