Day 96: Dancing my way to feeling better

Good morning πŸ™‚

what could be better for increasing energy levels and helping recovery than dancing about waving sticks! Nothing…that’s what!! It was of course Wednesday yesterday, and that means Morris Practice, I went along saying all the right things…saying…”I’ll take it easy”, and I’ll not dance too many” but when faced with many dances to be done what could I do but dance them!! (ok…not all of them…I missed out 2 of them! in favour of blowing my tootle pipe (tenor recorder))

Last nights practice

I promise you this picture was taken last night…even though it seems identical to the last set of photos I took…for some reason Judith is always wearing the same blue outfit when I decide to take pictures!

This was in the practice for the dance, foul mouthed cat, which I didn’t dance as it is one of the few that I can play on the recorder!

Anyway, back to dancing… As soon as I got going I felt better, I felt like dancing and more dancing! It was really warm, strangely warm an humid…but I was glad to note that for the first time it wasn’t only me overheating!

there was quite a lot of teaching last night, as we have a few new dancers, but it is good, as it allowed me to try some dances in different places…always a scary thing, but something I have been doing a lot of recently…apparently I am becoming less scared of change :-S

the dances I did yesterday were:

Maiden Castle (dance + walk), Our Henry (dance + walk) Raggle taggle gypsy, Spank the Monkey, Standing Stones, Triskelle (dance + walk), Star of the County Down, Witch Hunt, Broomstick (dance + walk) and Fanny Frail.

I have received so funny looks (and comments) about the dance Spank the Monkey…it is genuinely the name of the dance…it has an elaborate back story which may or may bot be an excuse to say Spank the Monkey often in polite company…but here is a video of the dance, complete with back story:

day 96 enthusiastically complete πŸ˜€

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