Day 98 (part 1): what? you want me to be more aggressive?

I finally managed to get up and work out in the morning…but it was a prearranged Personal Training session so I really had no choice. But, that said…it was good to get up and get going…even if I did really really want more sleep!

boxing-gloves-01Once I had dragged myself to the gym…I remembered just as I was walking through the door, that I had not brought my boxing gloves. This could only mean one thing…smelly communal gloves borrowed from the gym…with that familiar worn in other people’s sweat aroma…mmmm lovely…that’ll teach me!

Note to self: have boxing kit in the car AT ALL TIMES!!

Anyway…today’s training was excellent 🙂 we focused almost entirely on Thai boxing training with fewer breaks than normal… the first 10 min set was lots of fast combos and defence using focus mitts, we then switched to Thai pads and added kicks in between each combo ergh…lots of kicking…lots of tiring.. lots of fun and only one occasion when Matt forgot to put the pad down and I kicked him…

we had a brief break to play with kettlebells and the trx which was always fun 🙂

then for the third set of boxing, we adjourned to the dance studio where there was more room and fewer people and Matt showed me an exercise designed to make me more aggressive. I did question whether this is wise…he has met me after all and commented in the past about my aggressive fighting style… but we carried on anyway 🙂

basically…I had to cover up (guard up in tight defending my head) and get hit 10 times then respond with 10 uppercuts and 10 hooks as they are close range punches, the aim being, in real life you would be able to fight your way out of that situation rather than just covering up and taking the hits. It was fun, and I managed to wait until he stopped hitting me before I fought back (I was supposed to wait…it wasn’t a knockout the trainer game)

As I said, most of this session was non-stop fast boxing, it was awesome 🙂

Day 98 half complete by 8am 🙂 now for the lunchtime run to finish it off!

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