Day 101: which is nothing like room 101

good morning people out there 🙂

It is day 101…so what better than a George Orwell reference 😀 and for good measure I thought you might like a picture of a Landrover 101…

Landrover 101

here it is 🙂 isn’t it nice…it is not mine sadly…I don’t have one…

I will see if I can steer clear of the 101 references and attempt to stick to workout related ramblings for the rest of the blog…but I am not making any promises.

right then…on to the exercise…which I have to admit got off to a fairly inauspicious start. I couldn’t force myself into going for a run at lunchtime, but I did manage to go for a walk. It was quite interesting, I discovered a couple of things and managed to stretch out my legs and came back feeling much better!

PicFrame walk
my walk in for simple scenes

the main think I discovered was that Map My Run auto pauses when it has no data signal, even if it has perfectly good gps signal. considering the area I run in has quite iffy data signal, this could explain the variable nature of my recorded runs!

I ended up going (apparently) 2km which was a nice lunchtime leg stretcher and I did actually stop to stretch my legs on the bridge railings…luckily no one passed me while I was doing this 😀 On my return from the walk, I did see 1 look out squirrel… he was clearly the look out for his friends nefarious activities!

Come the evening, I was slightly more awake, but not looking forward to body pump as I anticipated being all weak and pathetic due to sleepiness! As it turns out, this did not happen! I was feeling more awake as we arrived at body pump, and by the time we got going I was feeling positively energetic!!

My body pump class
My body pump class

I even remembered to take some actual photos instead of relying on the interweb! the smiley person on the bottom left is graham who (obviously) comes to body pump with me, and also dances with Mythago.

As the class progressed I found myself doing more of the tracks more easily than ever before 🙂 I didn’t even hate the squat track as much as I normally do! I found the whole thing a lot easier than it has been yet (not easy…I hasten to add…I din’t find it easy…just easier!). I left the class feeling much more energised and much less achy than when I walked in. I admit this is slightly the wrong way round but it is what happened :-D. I also admit that this reaction would indicate that I should probably up my weights on a couple of tracks…but as there is a new release next week I am going to hold off until I see what it is like!

On that note, one walk, one awesome body pump class and not one and definitely not 101 dalmatians…day 101 complete 😀


Here’s 1 dalmatian…because there should be at least 1 on day 101 (ok sorry…that is it I promise!)






8 thoughts on “Day 101: which is nothing like room 101

  1. I did BodyPump in a different gym last Thursday, and they didn’t have mirrored walls. I felt lost not being able to check my form. It looks like you don’t have mirrors in this room either? Would drive me batty now that I’m used to seeing myself in front and side-wall mirrors.

    well done on day 101!


    1. no, we don’t have mirrors, I have actually never done body pump in a room with mirrors.
      oh hang on that is a lie, once when the other room was being used we did but normally no mirrors!
      I think I would hate seeing myself in the mirror while I did it…I would probably run out in shame!
      The instructor does check our form and Matt the trainer has checked my form before now, so I should be ok 🙂
      I hate mirrors 🙂


      1. I’m obsessed with them now. There are some poses I don’t like to see myself in (the bottom of the squat, for instance), but overall I do like to see that I’m in good form (and I get a kick out of how strong and bad-ass I look with that bar!). 🙂


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