Day 103: Footloose, footloose, put on your dancing shoes…

Good morning 🙂

I never could resist a 1980s dance film 🙂 think yourselves lucky I am quoting Footloose and not Dirty Dancing (at the moment…)

Well, you have probably guessed by now that my activity for yesterday was dancing. It was Wednesday…of course it was dancing, it was Mythago practice night 😀 It was my only activity for the day, because I decided to give my legs a break from running and save them all up for morris dancing goodness 😀

practicing the labyrinth
practicing the labyrinth

here is mythago, practicing the dance that is often reported as the most complicated dance in the world…often reported by us any way! This was the only dance I didn’t do all evening 🙂

It was an excellent practice session, it was fun and new things were learnt all round 😀

I tried dances in new places and new dances and lesser known dances, and in on memorable case a very well known dance in a way that has never been seen before and probably never will be again! (it involved one too few people, a stand in who didn’t know what dance we were doing but performed admirably and all four of us dancing in all four places in rotation!)

There was one other even that marked last nights practice as a different occasion…I (for only the second time, ever) abandoned my dancing boots in favour of my trainers…

dancing boots

I started off wearing my boots, as normal…

<—- look there thy are on my feets!

however, due to tired legs, and general tiredness (4hrs 51 mins sleep is not enough) I swapped to my trainers at tea break! I thought it would be weird, I thought my legs wouldn’t know how to move…

I was wrong (and I don’t say that too often)

dancing in my trainers was awesome! I could go faster and move quicker and in fact I was much more footloose than before. I probably shouldn’t get into the habit of it mind you…need to stay used to boots for dance outs 🙂

anyway…without further ado…the dance I did were:

Maiden castle (x2) Our henry, raggle taggle gypsy (x2), triskelle, hunting dance, summerland (x2) spank the monkey.

Day 103 most amusingly complete 😀


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