Day 104: now I know I have to change my running app!

Good morning 🙂

Yesterday morning I managed to get myself up and around in tome to go for a run before work! This is the second time in a week I have worked out before work…I consider this a great achievement! I wasn’t even meeting anyone yesterday 🙂 maybe I will make this part of the habit eventually!

For a change of scenery, and because it is nice and close to work and the showers at the gym, I headed over to Horsham park. It is a nice place to run, it has a path all around the edge which is 1.9km long.

Park in the morning

I headed off for my run, stopping occasionally to take a photo, I know this doesn’t bode well for best time or any such thing but that wasn’t what the run was about. Yesterday, was a run for the sake of running. I went along for about 2km running as much as I could but adding short walk breaks if I needed them. (I had set an interval program up, but decided to ignore it). In the first 2km I managed to run quite a lot and was quite pleased but my legs were beginning to feel a little heavy and twingy in the muscles…I carried on with a run/walk until 3km when I decided to stop and give my legs a good stretch, I could feel them being very tight, and I don’t want a repeat of my too tight hip flexor injury from the beginning of the year! so Stopped, had a good old stretch for about 10 mins then walked back to the gym for a shower…

Imagine my surprise when I checked my Map My Run app!

crazy app


Apparently I have turned into a superhuman who can run at 1 km in a minute and a half! The first one in 5 mins is not possible (I know I had been going for about 8 when I got the first km bleep) but the 2nd one is just ridiculous! I guess it paused a lot! I believe the distance, because I looked up the length of the park track but I know the time is a long way out!

I was pleased with the first half of the run, and the stretching really helped my legs. 😀

in other news…the reason I had no time for the rest of the day is I was spending time getting this done:

new arm decoration!

It will look better once it is healed up and it will definitely feel better then 😀

But all in all, crazy apps, notwithstanding I can now say:

Day 104 complete 😀


6 thoughts on “Day 104: now I know I have to change my running app!

  1. Try Runkeeper Sam. Everyone I know who uses it seems to really like the app, and so far it’s worked really well for me (the week I’ve been using).

    p.s. Love the tat. I have one (also flowery, viney looking), but I can’t share pics as it’s in a more private region. (i.e. My ass cheek). 🙂


    1. I am definitely going to try runkeeper when I run tomorrow or Sunday 🙂

      I had half of it before but it faded too quickly, so I had it reworked and extended 😀 next month I am going to have some more added to it because it still looks lonely!


      1. Mine started as 3 butterflies (just black line art) of varying sizes. They sat, stark and alone on my ass for approximately 10 years. Then a couple years ago I decided to build a garden around them. 🙂 They seem much happier now.


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