Day 105: Dancing the night away

Good morning 🙂

This is Friday’s post, I would like to apologise for the lateness of the posting, everything has been somewhat hectic and this got away from me a bit…but rest assured exercise has been done and I will catch up on my posts today 😀

So Friday, well… I knew that there was a dance out planned for Friday, but it was only a little one. It was the 60th Birthday party of Mythago’s squire Andy, we were going to do 3 dance to show people how awesome we are.

I decided that I couldn’t rely on this to fulfill my quota of exercise, I had decided to give my legs a rest from running at lunchtime, so when I got home, in the time between getting in and going out again I managed to squeeze in the following workout:

10 mins on my mini stepper, 2 x 15 squats, 2x 10 lunges on each leg, 2x Pilates hundred, hip bridges and some stretching and foam rollering for good measure. I was pleased to squeeze this in. I missed out press ups because my tattoo still hurt!

this would have fulfilled the workout for the day, but the evening turned out to be considerably more dancey than anticipated.

We kicked off the evening in full kit with 3 dances: Star of the County Down (my new favorite dance), Labyrinth (which I technically wasn’t in as it scares me) and Thor’s Hammer (which was awesome) this was a lot of fun and went a long way towards proving that we are awesome. The other really good thing that came out of this was my husband was there, and he watched me dance, and he said that it is definitely noticeable that I am much fitter than last time he saw me dance which was a few months ago, apparently I am noticeably more bouncy and move my feet much higher. This really pleased me as dancing better is the whole point of the exercise!

ceilidh 1
Mythago do naked ceilidh dancing
ceilidh 2
Naked ceilidh dancing take two

The thing I forgot to take into account…was the sheer amount of other naked dancing that was going to take place during the evening! We learned the Charleston…or to put it more accurately, we massacred the Charleston in new rock boots! we learned a medieval dance called Horse’s brawl and then there was a ceilidh, there was dance after dance which Mythago as a whole threw themselves into wholeheartedly, and I only missed out the one that involved a lot of left arm swinging as I didn’t want people generally grabbing a newly tattooed arm!!

Note that in the world of Mythago…naked means dancing without kit on…we were still wearing clothes…it was not *that* sort of party

Day 105 awesomely complete 😀


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