Day 109: if I don’t have stats did it really happen?

Well I managed it again πŸ™‚ I actually got up early and went for a run in Horsham park before work πŸ˜€ It was lovely and misty with the sun starting to break through…it is things like that that make me like morning running πŸ˜€

misty run
misty morning run

It was a considerable improvement on Monday’s attempt at trotting!

After my 5 min warm up, I managed to run along quite happily (not a word I thought I would associate with running) for 6 mins I felt I could have gone longer, and I should have but I stopped because my interval program told me too…I need to adjust this! The second and third run intervals were longer but I decided mid way round to abandon listening to the interval timer and just go with what I felt worked…which meant that I ran walked in short bursts for a little while, then ran for another longer interval and then ran walked…then cooled down. About 2/3 in to the run I decided to check how I was doing on the run keeper app…it claimed I had been going for 1.2 mins…baffled I poked at it..only to discover that somehow I had paused it / it had paused its self just after I got going…dammit I am not having app luck! Consequently I have no information on my km splits or pace variation…

1run runkeeper do have a map facility on the website and because I know exactly where I went (for once) I could plot the route afterwards, but it is not as accurate and only gives me an overall pace…

The general panic this caused lead me to wonder if I am slightly too reliant on electronic devises to tell me how well / badly I am doing. Listening to my body not my phone, I know this run was better because my feet didn’t hurt and my calves weren’t that tight (until the end) and I definitely ran more than I walked… I also know that over all pace is all very well…but it doesn’t take into stopping to take photos or stretch calves…

All that activity before work, means that by lunchtime it seems so long ago you feel the need to do something else. Not another run. I am at least savvy enough to know that, for me at this stage, two runs in a day is too much… so I went for a walk. I headed out through the little green space I have walked through before, I past some robins that made me smile and a squirrel that made me suspicious… and made my way out the other side to the road, I had intended to loop round on the road and make my way back. Imagine my surprise when I saw a little track leading off into some woods.

Of course Β I followed it!

woodsI found a little meandering track that took me across a little bridge and in and out of the trees, I met another robin who led me to believe I would find my way out of these woods and get back to work in time. and I eventually came out a little further along the road…it was a much better walk than just plodding up the pavement!

I might have thought about my reliance on technology…but that doesn’t mean that I have abandoned it! I had runkeeper going throughout the walk, and this time managed not to pause it…

I want 2..27 km I went for 33 mins and had an average pace of 14.44 min/km.

I also managed to get in my 10000 steps (according to my fitbit) before I left work and went on to do 2000 more over the course of the evening ;-D

therefore…day 109 complete πŸ˜€

4 thoughts on “Day 109: if I don’t have stats did it really happen?

  1. Sam, I find that it’s very easy to hit pause in Runkeeper. It has happened to me a bunch of times. Luckily I hear the voice “Activity paused” and so I stop, hit “resume” and then keep going. Sometimes I don’t even know how I hit pause because it’s in my pocket… Weird!


    1. it is weird because i didn’t even here the voice that said it…normally I can;t get that voice to shut up…like just now when it announced my entire set of todays run stats to the office :-S
      oh well… I will get used to it πŸ˜€


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