Day 110: (Part 2) Experimental dancing shoes

new (to me) shoes

It was Wednesday…it wicked wacky stick dance day! It was also new ebay boots arrive in the post day 😀 as they were intended for dancing, I thought I would try them out at practice…

Luckily I stuck my trainers in a bag just in case…

I thought these would be lighter than my boots…because they are…well…not boots. however this was not true. they are heavier because the sole is more solid and thicker. also…because the are shoes all the weight is on your feet and there is nothing to brace it. I felt a little bit like I was having my feet pulled off at the ankles… I am going to persevere with them but the jury is still out…

However, once I changed into my trainers I had an awesome evening of dancey goodness! Having discovered last week that dancing in trainers is really really comfy, I discovered this week that the long hidden ballet dancer / gymnast in me made an appearance when dancing in such light shoes and I couldn’t help but point my toes! I had lots of fun darting about and generally flitting around the place …ok that is probably a slight exaggeration but it was very good fun and I can move quicker in trainers!

There was lots of teaching today which meant lots of opportunities for our new members to get involved, and lots of chances to try new places…every dance we did had a walk through first, which counts as extra movement 🙂

The dances we did were:

Maiden castle
Summer land
Our Henry x2
Parma ham x2
Raggle taggle gypsy
Witch hunt x2

After the dancing fun, I made my way home…to a nice sit down and a drink you might think….well no…I did have a large drink of fizzy water, but I also did day 2 of my press ups and squats challenge 😀 There is not a great deal to say about them…I did them…press ups were still hard…but progress is progress 🙂



Day 110 definitely complete 😀

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