Day 112: Surprisingly awake for a Friday morning

Well I was this morning at 5:40 when I had to get up it was remarkable πŸ˜€

That is the second time this week I have managed a morning work out! I am so proud! If I can do it again tomorrow even though it is a weekend, it will be a record!!

How did you do it I hear you cry…well…I arranged PT with Matt for this morning, that way I had no choice! I had to get to the gym on time πŸ™‚

So I left the house at 6:40 am in gym gear and my new favorite Adidas sleeveless top (I am now brave enough to wear a sleeveless top O_o) and my new bargain Skins compression calf tights (I thought it was worth a try!) and headed off to the gym.

of course I had trousers on too…it would be weird other wise *honestly* :-p

yes…and shoes!

ANYWAY…the personal training…we started with the obligatory warm up and stretchy mobilisation things that look weird but apparently help…including the one where I have to be in press up position then move one of my legs forward and to the side in line with my hands, and also Hip bridges, with my feet on the wall…and ones on one leg :-SΒ I have a feeling that this is particularly unflattering but it warms up the hips I am told.

210183-Royalty-Free-RF-Clipart-Illustration-Of-An-Orange-Woman-Design-Mascot-Working-Out-With-A-Kettle-BellAfter all this there were kettlebells πŸ™‚ I still love kettlebells…I haven’t used mine enough recently, I will have to remedy that!Β I graduated onto a 12 kg kettlebell, for at least half of the things we did!

We did some power lifting things apparently, we did, dead lifts which are fine I understand those, then we did squat jump shrugy lifts, (I am sure that is not their official title), then squat jump shrugy lifts with an upright row at the end… this all involved quite a lot of coordination and thinking as well as whole body strength! We followed this with a 6 x clean and press, 6 x high pull, 2 x bottoms up clean combination which i did with the 8 kg kettle bell on both arms.

orange KickboxingThen came the boxing…and the kicking and sadly no spinning back fists…but it was awesome anyway! I actually felt a lot more energetic than I expected πŸ˜€ we worked with both Thai Pads and focus pads, depending on whether we were going for speed or kicking (focus pads are hard to kick!). The speed work was very fast today, I started off with my normal boxing gloves on, but encountered a slight tattoo related issue in which the edge of my glove was hitting the middle of the tattoo which was not ideal so I swapped them for bag gloves for today…and I was noticeably faster πŸ˜€ and my arms were less tired πŸ˜€ and I managed to keep my wrist straight and not hurt my thumb which shows I have got reasonable technique πŸ˜€

Finished off with stretching Day 112 Complete πŸ˜€


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