Day 113: undeterred by a traumatic satnav

Good morning 🙂

On saturday on the way to a knitting and stitching show mt satnav decided to take me on a magical mystery tour around the centre of London which is not a place I drive if I can possibly help it! It added 2 hours on to my journey and meant I had to park about a mile away from the venue.

I admit that the satnav incident was not actually to do with fitness or exercise…but it did cause me to have some extra exercise.. which was the one benefit! So I got an extra 20 min walk in before I got to the show, and then spent the day wandering among stalls filled with inspiring fabric art and knitting and stitch crafts.

This was something, the first section was at an exercise speed but the rest wasn’t it was activity, and it was something but when I got home I decided it wasn’t enough!

So I donned my training shoes and made a start there and then and here is what I did…

Warm up…aerobics style 10 mins side stepping , step touch, marching etc..just to get the muscles warm and the heartrate up a bit…

I did day 3 of my press-ups challenge, day 3 of the squats challenge and days 2 and 3 of the sit ups challenge… press ups are definitely the hardest…but I am improving…a little bit.

I added in some hip bridges and some walking lunges and a good deal of stretching 🙂



Day 113 complete 😀

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