Day 115: Balance begets better Body Pump

Good morning πŸ™‚

I told you in the last blog that I was going for more balance in the spread of my work outs this week…well to that end I didn’t run yesterday, I just stuck to one thing… Body Pump.

I arrived at body pump feeling pretty good, energetic and raring to go πŸ™‚

It felt like a good class, I felt stronger, I even got through the squats track without feeling light headed which is a good thing for me, in fact I got through it so well that I think I have to put my squat weight up next week :-/

a great example of how we did not look doing lunges!

It was in fact all going pretty well, I still do modified triceps dips but triceps are tiny and I am really heavy, so this doesn’t worry me…it is better than attempting full ones and doing none. I was in fact, generally feeling pretty good…until it got to the lunge track!




no one needs to do that…actually the amount we all struggled might possibly mean that we all need to do it…but no one want to do all of those! They really hurt! It reminded me of the old lunge tracks a few years ago when I did Body Pump before…I hated them then too! But I guess it does me good!

But apart from that, it was a really good class! I can feel the progress, and am thinking I need to up some of my weights next time.

I am also thinking that I might need to find another pump class to add into the week… more strength to balance all the cardio from the running and dancing.

So far, the balanced approach seems to be working. I have to confess that I did feel really lazy just doing body pump, although I recognise that this is irrational!

Day 115 Complete πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Day 115: Balance begets better Body Pump

  1. Listen to your body! If you feel “lazy” after Pump, jump on a cardio machine right after. πŸ™‚ I usually do a treadmill run or stair master session before or after. Your body will tell you, good and quick, if it’s up to the challenge or not. πŸ™‚


    1. you are probably right, I just wanted to see how I reacted to doing one only one thing on a monday.
      I think there is a good chance that a lot of the lazy was coming from my brain and my paranoia and not my body, I am slowly figuring out the difference πŸ™‚


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