Challenge Updates

Challenge 1…the colourful one.

I have already written about this, I challenged myself to complete the colour run in Brighton in September…and I did it! You can read about it here…there are pictures and everything 🙂 This challenge wasn’t really the one I wanted to update you on.

Challenge 2…the scary one.

This was the challenge where I was supposed to run 30 times in 45 days between the 2nd September and 17th October (full details). As you my have noticed the 17th October is tomorrow…have I run 30 times? No I have not… so technically I failed the challenge, but I am refusing to see it as a fail, I am going to look at the positives in the situation and treat it like a learning curve.

pink feet
pink feet

First, I did 22 runs in 44 days (day 45 is tomorrow so it might very well be 23 in 45) this is an average of 1 run every other day which is a considerable improvement over what I was doing…so a big positive there!

Second, I have a few days of under-the-weather-ness where it was really not a good thing for me to run, so I didn’t run and didn’t make myself worse. this few days meant that I would have had to run every day for 19 days to complete the challenge. This would really not have been good for my legs! Even experienced runners need one or two days break from it every so often!

Third, I have learned that giving my legs a day’s break in between running is (at the moment) the best thing for me. It allows my legs  to recover which means I can improve (or at least not get worse) next time I go out which stops me getting demoralised.

Fourth I have (for the first time in my life) continued running beyond an event that I have signed up for. I have on occasion in the past signed up for an event, done some training (usually not enough) completed the event (only just) and then stopped running. This time I have continued and am actually enjoying it!

Fifth I have stopped using map my run (who organised the challenge) because their app seems to be intermittent and there are people in the challenge who are definitely cheating. I know some people will run every day or most days I accept that…and some people do run for a long time…but one person has logged 44 runs and 794 hours of running…that is 18 hours a day for the last 44 days, this seems highly unlikely to me. I mean I know I wasn’t going to stand a chance of winning, but I expected fair play, I guess I am old fashioned like that!

So, although technically a fail, I refuse to think of it like that, I have learned so much about myself, and my running over the last 6 weeks that I have definitely com out on top 😀

Challenge 3 the one with the press ups:

Challenge details here. This one is on going, as I said at the start, I almost certainly won’t be able to do 100 press ups in 7 weeks, but I will be considerably better than I am now. I will continue to post updates about this one 🙂

Challenge 4:

Oooh there’s a challenge 4? we don’t know about that one…

well…I will tell you about it shortly 😀

that is all for now 🙂

2 thoughts on “Challenge Updates

    1. the only way I could possibly fail was if I was to just give up on this whole thing for no reason…and that is not going to happen 🙂
      thank you…I like the designation warrior!


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