Day 116: If you had told me 4 months ago…

That I would be running 4 km before work on a Tuesday of all days then I would have laughed at you!

But that is exactly what I did this morning πŸ™‚ admittedly I am still walking some of it, but there is far more running than walking now…

morning run!
morning run!

look at that! 4 km in 31 mins I am back on track and it felt pretty good πŸ™‚

My legs didn’t feel wrecked and I wasn’t battling foot pain. I had my lovely new compression calve tights on which compressed my calves to help them along without squishing my feet! They re awesome…and if nothing else, my calves were toasty and warm which was more than could be said for the rest of me!! I was really pleased with my over all pace, I am getting back to where I want to be…now all I need to do is build on it!

In accordance with my new attempt at balance, and building on my awesome morning run, I am determined to leave a day between runs to let my legs recover. I will do other things (of course) but different movements not just running! I am not sure how well this will work…because after a good run all I want to do is go out again as soon as possible for another good run…but I will try to keep myself in check!

Also…If you told me 4 months ago that I would have personal training on the same day as awesome morning running, in which I was doing moves normally done my Olympic power lifters (apparently)… well I might have believed you because I have always tended towards crazy stuff…and I did know Matt the trainer with his tendency to make me do unusual things. I still wouldn’t have believed you about the run mind you…

Anyhow…Todays Personal training session made me think that Matt the Trainer is ever so slightly able to read my mind. Here I was at work today, thinking…I need to do more strength training…and what do we do a lot of…strength training πŸ˜€

We did mobilisation warm ups then commandeered a pulley machine in the weights area, these are like gold dust and normally occupied by large unapproachable people (who are probably very nice, they might just need to work on their resting grumpy face…like I do!)

With the pulley machines we worked on power and strength, both punching out while holding the pulley handles and pulling back, this was done first slowly then quickly to work on explosive power. We then did isometric something or other where I had to stand side on to the machine and hold the handle out in front of me with weights on the end trying to pull me over…it involved a lot of core strength to hold still. Β I also had to do reverse wood chops, starting at the bottom left and moving the pulley handle diagonally up to the top right (and the other way round) with straight arms out in front. Hard! Hard! Hard!

Then came the plyometric craziness…

Ordinary dead lifts (25kg) and ordinary shrug lifts (35kg) and then plyometric dead lifts where you do the forward bend bit then jump up as you lift up shrugging at the same time (20kg) this has something to do with improving the explosive power in my legs.


When Matt demonstrated this, he reminded me of an antelope pronking, I suspect I did not look the same!

Then we did trx squats and jumping ones and narrow rows and fast narrow rows (apparently we were all about the explosive power this week!

once I was good and tired, we started the Thai boxing section of the work out, I had forgotten how much of an audience you get at pavilions on a Tuesday evening…they should remember that just because I am hitting things, I can still hear them. Not that they said anything offensive this time but still…it is the principle! It was good fun and fast, an audience always seems to make us go faster and I think the strength training (although my arms were tired) spurred me on to hit harder!

then some core bags and hip mobilisation and stretching πŸ™‚

It was an awesome session really πŸ™‚ lots of fun.. and craziness..and apparently not made up stuff πŸ™‚

Day 116 definitely complete! πŸ˜€

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