Day 117: Warning Morris Dancers!


Of course…it was Wednesday…and you know what that means by now πŸ™‚ it was awesome Mythago morris dance practice again!Β It was such a fun evening with, of course, lots of dancing and a fair amount of frivolity!

Before I let you know which dances I danced, I thought I would let you see some of the fantastic people I dance with…

graham and karen
Graham and Karen

These are my lovely friends Graham and Karen, both dancers of some repute. Graham accompanies me to body pump and has the nickname within mythago of Naughty Graham. Karen does her best to keep me sane and sometimes even manages it with text messages to enliven my dull work day. She can also talk anyone under that table (and I know some talkers), is very keen on spreadsheets and is responsible for stopping my head from exploding when my husband set himself on fire!


This is Trevor, he is mostly a dancer, he sometimes plays this melodeon (as you can see) and occasionally defects to a hanky flapping side of reprobates known as Broadwood Morris.

He also understands all Terry Pratchett references thrown his way and has excellent taste in music!




This is only a small snapshot of the lovely members of Mythago, I will feature some more in future weeks (I wouldn’t want to over load you after all!) on to the dances!

dancing feet
My dancing feet! (only not while they were dancing…)

I danced in trainers again, this is becoming a habit! It is so much easier to move quickly with them on rather than boots. Mind you, I don’t think I should let it become too much of a habit…I need to stay used to boots so they are not a shock to the system at dance outs!

Believe it or not I got some odd looks taking this photo, and the question “what are you doing?” to which the answer was of course “taking pictures of my feet” some people just ask for me to state the obvious πŸ˜€

We spent some time this evening teaching dances to the new people, which is excellent, it means lots of dances are accompanied by a walk through. We also spent some time recapping and practicing dances we are going to do in the story of Herne the Hunter in an up coming performance at Stonehenge (no I am not telling more than that for now :-p)

without further ado, the dances I did were:

Maiden Castle (+ walk), Hunting dance (x1.5 +walk) , Triskelle, Our Henry, Fanny Frail.

I am sure there were more than that…it doesn’t seem like that many…we did do quite a bit of stepping practice as a warm up and there were some dances I wasn’t in so I did a little bit of stepping then too.

I also…as I kind of bonus discovered that I can do a squat, with a morris dancing stick balanced on my head…proves I don’t bent too far forward while doing them any more πŸ™‚ Dan can also do it…but he is one exam away from being a personal trainer so I would expect nothing less!

Day 117 complete πŸ˜€

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