Day 118 (extra) I did a little more in the evening

Good morning 🙂

After my successful run yesterday morning, I felt like doing more strength training to supplement all the cardio I have been doing 🙂

orange push upI was planning on going to another body pump class, but I haven’t had an evening this week where I go straight home after work so I decided to go straight home and do some body weight stuff there. (only a tiny cop out, Thursdays are tricky you know)

So this is what I did:

Level 1 day 4 of my press-ups challenge – this is getting easier, the incline press-up I am doing now seems a little too inclined, but the next step down seems not inclined enough…I might have to do a mixture next time and see 🙂

Level 1 day 4 of both the squats and sit-ups challenge. Both of these are still pretty easy, but I am concentrating on really good form. I supplemented them with some more squats and some core work using the runtastic “six pack abs” trainer and some bridges because I always do bridges.

For the record…I do not think that if I follow the “six pack abs” trainer routine I will magically get six pack abs without losing some more fat and such like. I just found it contains some pretty good core exercises which are similar to things I did in Pilates and circuits with  a timer so you can’t slack off in between…and more core strength is not a bad thing ab six pack or not 😀


it was quite a good little work out in the end, and not bad at all as an extra 🙂

day 118…complete again 🙂

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