Day 119: strength training superset investigation

Good evening 🙂

It is Friday, and today I managed to stick to my “leave a day between runs” rule as it seems to be working out. I do not have such sore legs at this end of the week and my runs have been better.
So this evening I decided I would subject my self to some more bodyweight strength training as I have been reading a lot today about how much you can actually do with bodyweight exercises. I also decided to experiment with what I did so I did every thing as a superset with virtually no rest between rounds.

As usual I started with a warm up which borrowed heavily from every aerobics class ever and added in some random kicks and knees just for fun.
Once I was warm I did the following:

Press ups (using my press up app) sets of 7, 6, 6, 5, 3 with 4x 10 reps of squats in the breaks between press ups.
Squats (using the app) sets of 10, 8, 6, 5 with 2x 15 reps (each arm) kettlebell 1arm rows in the breaks.
2x 10 lunges (per leg) with 2x kettlebell dead lift in between
Sit ups (using the app) with bridges in between
Lastly the ab trainer day two work out.

Because you use the rest from one exercise to do a different exercise this proves to be an effective work out! The whole thing took 50 mins ( including the warm up) and I didn’t have a rest for longer than 30s during the whole thing, mostly not that long!

It was relatively short and sweet, but definitely one easy so I can happily consider suspects a success and worthy of further investigstion and…
Day 119 complete 😀

9 thoughts on “Day 119: strength training superset investigation

  1. Well done. Rests are good for resting the muscles and letting the recover. Your weight training sounds really good. I do weight training circuits on some days and they are really good for muscle building on toning.


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