Day 124: an injury free step class

Good morning 🙂

Body Step

in the interests of trying yet another new exercise class to add to the varied and random fitness regime of mine, I tried Body Step last night! It was a lot like most other step classes I have been to, the Les Mills treatment didn’t really make any great leaps forwards in step class content. This is possibly because, great leaps forward would cause you to miss the step altogether and this could cause untold problems. Anyway, back to step class…

It is a good cardio workout, it does really get you moving and using your legs (ok…that bit is obvious) the main drawback of it is the immense confusion and state of bafflement that ensues during the class.  I seemed to have two states…complete understanding and working out to my maximum, and complete inability to make my brain and legs connect at all! these two states seemed to coincide with the orientation of the step…when the step was in landscape mode in front of me everything went according to plan and when it was in portrait mode and I had to work across it everything went haywire! I feel sure I was actually making my own routines up in some of the tracks!

However, the most positive thing to come out of the class last night was I got through it without injury…this is exactly the 4th step class I have been to and in 2 other ones I have injured myself and had to leave the class early. It seems to alternate mind you, so I am not sure if I can go to another one…

and the best thing about the whole step experience, I got to see my friend Girl Sam (yes…I am a girl too and a Sam…but I am Real Sam…obvious really…) she was much better at most of it than me, but I put that down to her doing many step classes in the dim and distant past which is another country that I can’t remember!

That was Wednesday madness part 1

Wednesday madness part 2 was the fact that I drove straight from said step class, to Mythago practice and spent 1.5 hrs dancing my heart out and waving sticks about 😀 As always, dancing was enormous fun and incredibly energetic 🙂 The dance I did were:

Maiden Castle, Star of the County Down, Triskelle, Standing Stones, Raggle Taggle Gypsy, Broomstick, Witch Hunt, Out Henry, Foul Mouthed cat (+walk), Spank the Monkey and Fanny Frail (+walk)

to make up for the lack of pictures, I will leave you with a video of us dancing something awesome… (this one is witch hunt 🙂 )

Day 124 Complete 😀

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