Day 125 Today would have been a good day to check the temperature…

Before I left the house!

If I had, I could have worn my thermal leggings, instead of looking at them and not putting them on because i was too warm in them last week…same goes for my berghouse winter baselayer…

But no…I set off at 6:50 am in my normal running trousers and long sleeved – short sleeved star trek running top combo which i have become quite used to and noone actually sees the resemblance until I point it out! As soon as I set foot outside I knew i was going to get the kind of cold that sticks to you and doesn’t leave for hours. I also knew that if I went back in the house I wouldn’t go back out again…so I carried on!



Freezing coldness aside, I am pretty pleased with my running today, and I learned a thing or two while I was at it 🙂

I discovered that when I get into a ploddy stride with out many walk breaks but without very much thought to my running stride (like I did in km 2) I am much slower than when I am actually concentrating on where my feet land and pushing off behind me I go much faster for not too much more expended effort!

A few years ago when I used to run (ish) I read about efficient running form being where your foot strikes the ground around the midfoot more or less directly underneath your body, so that you only have to push back with your leg to propel yourself forward. Rather than when you heel strike in front of your body your front foot brakes you and you have to drag yourself over the top of it before you can push off. Now…when I read that I tried it out walking and running and I do seem to go much faster when i do it. So now it had more or less become my default running stride, but i do have to remind myself once in a while, ad today I did just that 🙂

I haven’t actually read up on good running form recently so I may be remembering some of that wrong, but it seemed to work this morning 🙂

All in all, pleased with my run, even though it was shorter than I would have liked due to me starting later (as usual) and having to cut it short to get to work!

Day 125 Complete 🙂

10 thoughts on “Day 125 Today would have been a good day to check the temperature…

  1. Nice job! Now you know you need to bundle a bit more for tomorrow. That bone chilling cold is tough to shake off. I think people should read up on proper form kind of regularly. I know that I didn’t understand what was meant the first time I did. Now that I have been jogging more regularly I get what they are saying. Hopefully even more will make sense as my conditioning improves.


    1. funnily enough I was talking to a friend of mine about it last night and I told him I had a mid foot strike because I had made myself have one to be more efficient, then this morning I realised I had let it slip a little bit so I practiced and it paid off 🙂


      1. Practice is good like that. My posture was giving me cramps in my abdomen. That was the first time I looked up posture. I’m not up to working on speed yet. I want endurance a whole lot more.


      2. I really should be working on endurance…I am not really working on speed, more efficiency and that seems to bring faster running. (although technically still very slow running)


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