Day 126: its Friday, its 7am…it is time for training :-)

Good morning and welcome to Friday!

The idea of personal training always seems like a good one, when you organise it a week in advance…however the reality of getting up at 5:30 to get to the gym after 5 hrs sleep was considerably less appealing! (and yes I do have to get up 1 hr before I leave the house or nothing functions at all)

I did get up, or course, and was it worth it?

of course it was worth it! PT was awesome!!

We spent the first half hour doing strength and power training in the form of olympic lifting…with explosive plyometric jumping bits… (there is possibly a better way to describe these, but that is what I am going with at the moment!) We started with deadlifts using the cable machine, ordinary dead lifts with no jumping, possibly to lull me into a false sense of security.

power clean techniques

We then moved on to power clean and press, only we worked up to it, with the clean first. I had to dead lift the bar, then as I came up, jump upwards while bringing the bar up into a clean position then sit back into a deep squat all in one movement (x8) . The next stage was to come up from the squat and jump as I pressed the bar overhead and locked the arms (x8). Then putting the two stages together, I did power clean and presses (x8). Apparently I have good technique, Matt made me move in front of a mirror so I could see this, it did look like good technique, but seeing my self in the mirror is off putting, I can’t get over how short I am!

This was not the end of it, I then did Barbell rows, and plyometric bench presses (slowly down and as fast as possible up again) and wood chops (fast downwards and slow back up again) with the cable machine.

Then, once I was nice and tired, Matt took the opportunity to beat me round the head…

Ok, that is not strictly speaking true. But he did hit me on the head during our thai boxing session. I was completely by accident (he says) I was ducking down for a body shot, to the actual body as he had his armour on, and he forgot and went put his focus pad out at body level, in the process colliding with my head. There is an argument that says if I had had my guard up more and not been looking at the floor I might not have been hit…but shhh!

We finished off after 25 mins or so of thai boxing, with some core work and stretching of my horribly tight calves!

I am really enjoying my PT sessions at the moment, the Thai boxing is awesome, and I am really starting to like this lifting up and putting down of heavy stuff, it is hard but I seem to love it. My new plan is to do more strength training next week 🙂

For now, day 126 complete 🙂

2 thoughts on “Day 126: its Friday, its 7am…it is time for training :-)

    1. It was tough, but I loved it!
      He is a great trainer, I even followed him when he moved gyms to become the fitness manager! (They are the same consortium of gyms so I didn’t have to change membership) but I didn’t want to change trainers!
      Although…I sometimes tho k he uses me as a guinea pig when he has been on courses 😉


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