Day 128: sticking to the plan…

Despite feeling like I could do more, I decided to stick to my plan of making Sundays “rest days” and only doing Pilates on them.

So on Sunday I did Pilates. I was happily energetic because for the first time in a long time I had had enough sleep (thank you clock change :-)) and I really needed a bit of a stretch out and realign. I enjoyed my class, and you can really feel it working on your core, I seem to be capable of doing the more advanced moves now which is pleasing and it make it a worthwhile experience.

My new favourite move is the swan dive (i can’t remember if I have described it before). From lying on your front, you raise your head shoulders and upper torso off the floor using your back muscles, when you get as high as you can you use your arms to push yourself up further.

swan dive
swan dive

Now for the fun bit 🙂 at this point you take away the support of your arms and rock and reach forward while maintaining your curved spine.

I am pretty sure I do not look as graceful as the person in that picture and my legs do not go that high…but  I can do the move 😀

So in a rest-y pilates-y way, day 128 complete 🙂

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