Day 129: I upped my weights

Guess what I did at Body pump last night…

Ok…it wasn’t too hard to guess because I told you in the heading, but shhh!

Yes, that’s right, I upped my weights on most tracks 🙂

the tracks I stayed the same on were the ones that use single plates (because I already use 5kg and that is the biggest) and the ones that use dumbells (because I already use 3kg and they are the biggest) and the ones that use bodyweight…for obvious reasons 🙂 and lunges, because argh!

001 weight plates
ok…i didn’t use quite that many… I only had one bar…

Even with the upped weights it was quite doable. I struggled more towards the end of the tracks, but that is only to be expected when you up the weight 🙂 The class was pretty small last night, there were 6 people in it, and I noticed that I am now using the highest weights in the class ( and two of them were men!) I know it is not a competition, but I can’t help secretly feeling a tiny bit proud. So secretly, that I wrote it on here for everyone to see 😉

Day 129 complete 🙂

11 thoughts on “Day 129: I upped my weights

  1. Way to go Sam, you beast!! I am going through withdrawals, missing BodyPump so much. Can’t wait til next week when I’m back home and have access to my gym. 🙂 Til then I’ll live vicariously through you.


  2. Great job! try the following trick to feel more progress; Body Pump is made of 10 tracks right? track 9 and 10 are abs and cool down. let’s skip also track 1 which is warm up, then you have 7 tracks left, each time you do Body Pump increase the weights in every other track, say next time tracks 2,4,6 increase weight, and in 3,5,7,8 go regular weight, next time go the other way around! Try it 🙂 it works!


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