Day 131: Wednesday is the new Thursday

You know how I have said on more than one occasion, that Thursdays are tricky, and that Wednesdays always include dancing…well this week things changed :-S

Change is confusing…this is a confusing week a very odd Tuesday followed by a Wednesday with no dancing left me all unclear about what day it was! So this week Wednesday was tricky…

I started off the day’s exercise with a walk at lunchtime, just a little one for some fresh air and to finally get around to calibrate my stride length so I can correctly enter it into my fitbit (this will be important for an upcoming challenge…no spoilers just yet!)

walk autumn
View on my walk (same as many previous…only autumner)

It was only a little 1.5km walk but not too bad as a little lunchtime breath of fresh air 🙂

I noticed that it is definitely Autumn now, although, considering it is the end of October…there are still a remarkable amount of green leaves about! It was quite a nice little walk, and when I did the maths, I discovered that my stride length was 1cm shorter than I had guessed at…which makes it not a bad guess really 🙂

This wasn’t it mind you, nice walk it may have been, it was neither long enough or brisk enough to count as my daily workout! It was Wednesday (as I have mentioned) and I was confused) as I have also mentioned, and I had done two days of strength workouts in a row, so I decided against another Body Pump class. Instead, I went home, and did some supersets, mainly consisting of strength exercises…

yes I know, this makes no sense, I said I was confused…shhh!

So here is what I did:

A warm up consisting of some jogging and fast jogging and what not on the spot, followed by some mobility exercises stolen shamelessly from Matt the Trainer.

Press ups (using the press ups trainer) Sets of 10, 6, 10, 8, 6 with sets of 10 squats in between

orange KettlebellSquats (using the squats trainer) sets of 15, 10, 8, 5 with 10 x kettle bell clean and press, 10 x kettle bell snatches, and the walking up and down with a kettlebell over your head exercise that I learned yesterday in between (one exercise in each break…not all of them in all breaks…)

Sit ups (using the sit-ups trainer) sets of 14, 10, 8, 6, 6, 4 with sets of 10 x hip bridges in between.

The addition of kettlebells into this round of supersets made it slightly more challenging, although I might need some heavier ones soon…

Day 131, confusing, but complete 😀

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