Day 132: Postponed Wednesday was Awesome

Happy Halloween!

Yes I am a day late because I am writing this on Friday morning about Thursday…but the sentiment is still valid! And an awesome evening of extremely energetic dancing it was too 😀

and it looked a little bit like this…

haloween 4
Orange Tatters

well of course I wore my orange tatters…it was Halloween, they looked seasonal, and it doesn’t take much really to make me wear them, they are so bright and sparkly! (two words not normally associated with me!) It is also, very heavy as it is made of so much material and something like dancing around in 30 degree heat…ahh well, it is all good fun!

We were celebrating Halloween at the White horse pub in a small village in the middle of the Sussex countryside, it was surprising that we got an audience, but we did, there were actually quite a lot of people there 🙂

halloween  1
guess which one is me…

The dances I took part in were:

Maiden Castle, Triskelle, Our Henry, Witch Hunt, Star of the County Down, Spank the Monkey, Avebury Ring, Broomstick and Fanny Frail. WHich I have just worked out is 9 dances. which might be the most I have ever don in a 1.5 hour dance out! I think I have probably done more at a full day of dance…but not too many more! woohoo! This project is definitely paying off! I can feel myself being fitter and more able to do 3 and sometimes 4 dances in a row! this is something I could never have done 3 months ago let alone 6 months ago! It also explains why I am in nearly all the photos from last night, that and my orange stands out a little bit..

halloween 2








haloween 3
Broomstick…with axes and pitchforks and scythes 😀

I might need to explain this last one a tiny bit…in a Dance called Broomstick (the last one of the night) we substituted our sticks for (plastic) pitch forks, scythes and axes, it was excellent, and caused a lot of brandishing and general waving around 🙂 An awesome way to spend the evening I thought!

Day 132 Complete 😀

All photos courtesy of the White horse facebook page 🙂  If you are ever in the area, drop in and see them 🙂

5 thoughts on “Day 132: Postponed Wednesday was Awesome

  1. It’s so great that you have this hobby/passion — and that it is such a great form of exercise too. Looks like a helluva workout with those heavy boots and that heavy/warm garb.


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