Day 133: That Friday feeling…

You all know that Friday feeling…the one that you get at the end of the working week when you realise that it is the weekend…well I didn’t get that this Friday…what with my confused Wednesday / Thursday antics I was left some confusion over the day!

My getting up early to run and running at lunchtime plans were scuppered by really really horrible rain…running in some rain is ok…but it was too much for a run where I had to be at work afterwards! So I spent the afternoon trying to figure out what I was going to do and cam to the conclusion that there was no option but to brave the gym, and invade the Free weights area no matter how many people were there attempting to take over all the benches! (I spent a lot of the afternoon reading and getting inspired by the enthusiasm for lifting up heavy things)

I descended on the gym after work, and remembered that Fridays are quieter than other evenings. I confess I have lost the lovely program card Matt made out for me… so I was pretty much making it up but I could remember a lot of it and a lot from my previous program. So this is what I did…


Quick warm up on the AMT machine, followed by 4 mins of Bike sprint intervals (20 seconds top speed, 20 seconds easy)

Then TRX, 2 sets of: 10x inverted rows, 10x Press ups, 10x Muscle ups, 10x body weight squats.

After that it was time to invade the Free weights area (eeeek.. on my own with no trainer for added courage) while there I completely chickened out of doing anything with the large barbell, and instead did 2 sets of: 10x dumbbell chest press (12 kg each hand), 10x one-armed row (12 kg). then 2x 8 front squats with 20kg barbell (the small ones with fixed weights on) 5x power cleans also with 20 kg (but I got a little bit self-conscious at the power clean stage)

Lastly I did core work using the cable machine, standing side on to the machine and holding the handle out in front of me holding the weight up against it trying to twist me sideways, 3 x 30 s holds on each side (15kg possibly…I forgot to check…) and 2 sets of 10x bridges will feet elevated on the wall and 1 legged versions of the same. Stretching, then done and home 🙂

It felt like a good work out and full filled the full body work out requirements (quads, glutes/hamstrings, push, pull, core). I was in there for 45 mins which felt like a short work out, but I was pretty much working the whole time I was in there, no needless standing about. So despite some of the people who were in the gym when I arrived still being there when I left I felt pretty good about the whole thing 🙂

Day 133 Complete 🙂 (apologies for the delayed write up!)

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