Day 135: Resistance bands and burning sticks

Good afternoon šŸ™‚

I can tell you this, deadlifts and all the other weight training I did over the last 2 days actually made me ache the day after a work out for the first time in about 2 months! I read that deadlifting engages a lot of muscles…well a lot of muscles certainly knew they had been engaged! I was certainly ready for my sunday morning Pilates. A good chance to reset and stretch out and work my core some more…

resistance bands

For a change this week Sarah the Pilates instructor had brought us some resistance bands to use during the class, I really like the way she researches and learns new ways of incorporating different things into the class and makes it a little different every week šŸ™‚ the resistance bands are quite good, I lie the little ball thingies better but these are really good for some of the exercises. They are particularly good for the hip strengthening ones, although I did end up having to tie my legs together again while we did the clam exercise…this is becoming a habit, she obviously went to the same school of “how to make Sam do strange things” as Matt šŸ™‚ It was a good class, and I was happy that I walked ou aching less than when I walked in!

It finished with just enough time for a quick change and off to the second Mythago dance out of the week. We had been invited to join another Morris side to dance at their annual ceremony to burn the year’s sticks.

As a side note, some morris sides stop dancing out and even practicing during the winter and this ceremony was to mark the end of the dancing season for this particular side. Mythago do not do this as they a) are very protective of their sticks and keep theirs for years if possible, 2) do not stop dancing during the winter.

Anyway on to the dancing..

0001 dancing
Me dancing šŸ™‚ (photo by Graham Hyde)

There I am, dancing šŸ™‚ and brandishing my stick šŸ™‚ and definitely not looking quite as orange today šŸ™‚

This is the very end of the dance triskelle where we dance off yelling our heads off.

It was quite a short dance out, but it was a lot of fun šŸ™‚ I did:

Fanny Frail, Triskelle, Witch Hunt and Foulmouthed Cat, and possibly 1 more but I can’t remember (I should write this down straight afterwards!)

As I said, short but fun and it bore a strange resemblance to Waynes World, and the scene where they kept moving the goal on and off the road to make way for cars.

Day 135 Complete šŸ™‚

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