Challenge 5: One does not simply walk into Mordor!


well…I know you say that but some Hobbits did just that, and it turns out they went 1779 miles to get there, then they went home again (although some eagles helped with some of that and there may have been horses but I can’t be sure…)

hobbitsMind you, I am not a hobbit, (well I am a little bit hobbit-like I am short and have dark curly hair…but not on my feet) so I plan to heed Boromir’s warning and am not simply going to walk into Mordor.

No, I am going to walk, run, dance and possibly climb my way into Mordor!

No, shhh I haven’t gone mad!

No, this is not just an excuse for me to talk about Lord of The Rings a lot (well it is a little bit but that’s ok…it is awesome!)

OK I’ll explain, I am walking to Mordor…

what you need more than that…OK..

I found a very interesting article here: called a Hobbits guide to walking talking about the Hobbits journey (of course) and the real life (other real life?) benefits of walking. Now I know I need to move around more during the day, I run at lunchtime when I can or before work when I am awake, but I need to make the effort to do more. I do a lot of classes but my general moving throughout the day could still be improved. My fitbit helps, but I thought having a (huge) target to shoot for will motivate me to fit in more walking during the day, even if it is just up and down the office a couple of times every now and again…

So I have found myself a fellowship (who so far are falling behind a little bit but I feel that this won’t last) and am on my way. mordor samI have downloaded and adapted the mileage tracker from the lovely people at Nerd fitness and have calibrated my fitbit so it has my correct stride length in and am going to track all my logged distance…

This is going to be a long challenge…If I walk 5 miles a day it will take me a year to get there…but that is the point it should give me the incentive to walk more than that, as much as possible! I am going to go all out and say that I am going to do my best to be in Mordor before the end of the 365 challenge! To do that I need to average 7.5 miles a day. As you can see…I am behind. But I will get there I promise!

So now off to Mordor! I think I need an elf sword and a cloak.

If you want to read more about this go to the Nerd Fitness site and have a look, and on the downloadable spreadsheet there are links provided so you can see where you are up to. I am still on the Hobbits’ first day somewhere in Green Hill Country out of sight of Hobbiton.


I will keep you posted on my progress, and any interesting conversations I have with Gandalf along the way And definitely about any encounters with orcs and wraiths of course 🙂

Of course if you would like to come along, more members are always welcome in my fellowship, especially if you have kick ass Orc fighting skills!

5 thoughts on “Challenge 5: One does not simply walk into Mordor!

  1. This post totally made me laugh out loud (except for the serious exercise bits)! I’m a total nerd, so I will push my glasses back up into place and cheer you on (there’s no way in hell I’m going near Mordor).


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