Day 138: Dancing and dancing and dancing and dancing

Wooooohoooo for wicked wacky stick Wednesday!

Or to put it another way Good Evening, today’s awesome exercise was dance practice. This week is back to normal dancing happily where it should be, on a Wednesday 😀

And what fun dancing it was 😀

There was so much dancing that I completely forgot to take any pictures of anything that happened!

When I say forgot, what I mean is I danced every dance, yes you heard (read) that right…every dance…and there were some very energetic dances in there 😀

however I did find this picture of me from 3 weeks ago so I thought you could see that 🙂

I did this today too 🙂

I am not sure why I have started storing the stick on my head…but I did discover the other week that I can do a squat while it is there without it falling off…I am not sure if this is a useful talent or not really.

anyhow, back to this evenings practice! I was as always fun, and there only a few dancers there, which is why I got the opportunity to dance every dance 🙂

the other good thing about tonight is that we had the opportunity to try new dances or dances in new place. We don’t have a dance out for a few weeks so we had the opportunity to try new things and get the lovely new members of the side more involved 🙂

I even got to learn a brand new dance called Hern’s Oak 😀

So here are the dances I did:

Maiden Castle, Hunting Dance (+walk), Foulmouthed Cat (x2 +walks) Avebury Ring (x2), Our Henry, Parma Ham, Triskelle (x2), Hern’s Oak (x2 +walks), Fanny Frail.

Lots of fun and ready for some sleep 🙂

Day 138 complete 😀

PS…6 months ago…13 dances in a row would have broken me 😀

5 thoughts on “Day 138: Dancing and dancing and dancing and dancing

    1. Hehe! I am a trend setter! Foulmothed cat was funny! It is hard to do a dance with 3 people who are quite new to it and the more familiar person in a different place to normal :-S it was fun though 🙂


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