Day 140: I am the shortest person who should be allowed to use the lying leg press machine

So on Friday, I finally face the fear of the Broadbridge heath leisure center free weights room and got myself an induction (you need a separate one for the free weights room just to make sure you are not going to be an idiot about it!)

If you are wondering why I might need to pluck up courage to do this, well,  I get odd looks at Pavilions (the other gym I can use) when I go into the free weights area, at Broadbridge heath, the free weights is in a separate room which is shut away and windowless and a lot like a basement only, not in a basement, so I assumed I would have to brave even more odd looks.

However, I was wrong

Broadbridge Heath leisure center proved once a gain to be friendlier than Pavilions.

I went in to the gym and did my warm up, then collared a person and asked about the free weights induction, he said someone could do it in 1/2 an hour so I got on with some training while I was waiting. There are some (limited) free weights in the normal gym so I used those to do:

2x 10 dumbell chest presses (12 kg each hand)

2x 10 (each side) 1 armed rows (12 kg)

2 x 10  squats (20kg)

2 x 10 overhead presses (1x 20kg, 1x 17.5 kg)

During this, one of the other guys using the weights, actually spoke to me 🙂 he in quite a friendly way suggested that I should look up or forward when I squat to stop my chest dipping so much. He is right too!

Then I got to do my induction, the chap doing it was a free weights enthusiast and seemed quite impressed that I had asked for the induction rather than been talked into it! He also seemed to believe without question, after seeing me work out just before, that I was capable of using the free weights room and knew what I was doing. He demoed and checked my form on all of the pieces of equipment in there which lead to me being declared the shortest person who should be allowed to use the leg press machine…

leg press
Leg press

The thing about this machine, is you have to be able to lift the bar and plate off its stops so you can disengage the pegs and actually allow it to move, if your legs are straight when it is on its stops, this is more of a problem.

My short legs, did cause the instructor some amusement, he said there should be a picture of me next to the machine saying noone shorter than this to use the machine…he is lucky he came across as a nice guy and I could tell he was joking 😀

All in all it was a pretty successful induction, the guy said I had good form, and agreed that more women should work out with free weights (and big heavy ones at that). I left with a lot more confidence that I wasn’t going to get laughed at when I next go in…


I realised afterwards,

he never once said anything like “strength training is good for weight loss” which it is, but he didn’t mention it which made me happy 🙂 It made me believe that this whole thing is paying off and that I am starting to look like my primary goal is not just weight loss.

My primary goal was always fitness, but when you are overweight, everyone assumes you are only working out for weight loss…

OK..I am starting to ramble, I think I got my point across 🙂

Day 140 complete 🙂

6 thoughts on “Day 140: I am the shortest person who should be allowed to use the lying leg press machine

  1. I love using free weights, the heavier the better! My trainer put me through a fitness assessment a couple of months ago to see if I could lift/push between 1/3 and 1/2 of my body weight (depending on the exercise). I can leg press a weight which is heavier than me. The only ones I couldn’t do were the bicep curl – my biceps are so weak – and the pull up, although I could do 1/2 of my body weight for the lat pull down which is similar so there is hope. He now puts me on the pull up machine at every opportunity!

    Keep being brave and going in the free weights room. I agree, it is daunting though.


    1. I love it, I agree, the heavier the better…it is so much fun! It is my trainer’s fault too…he started me off on this with olympic lifting!

      This particular weights room is quite scary…but I can hold my own now I look like I know what I am doing!

      between 1/3 to 1/2 of your body weight is awesome! I am not there yet…but I am getting there 😀


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