Day 141 & 142 Hilly running and a Pilates reset

Good afternoon πŸ™‚

I am finally catching up with myself! It has been a little bit hectic recently, but I am now at last on the weekend write up. Starting with Saturday:

Day 141: Saturday…

This was the day I realised how flat the areas. I knew already of course, but Saturday was the day I got to run in a hilly area for the first time which made me realise how much harder it is!

We were staying with some friends in the middle of England, SO I set out into the cold morning at 7:15 leaving the rest of the house sleeping, only to discover that it was much colder than I expected and I regretted leaving my thermal legs behind! But never mind, I soon got going πŸ™‚

badby run
Views from my run…including my shoes looking cleaner now the pink has washed off in the rain!

I have to admit I struggled with this run, I had to walk more on the ups than I wanted, but I did run all the downs and flats…I definitely found it tiring than normal, it was without a doubt a good work out!

run stats πŸ™‚

When I looked back at it, I was pretty pleased with what I achieved too…I was faster than I have been recently, even taking into account the walks on the ups. πŸ˜€ And it was definitely getting up early and running as I managed to spend about 10 hours in the car during the rest of Saturday :-S

so that means day 141 Complete

On to Day 142 Sunday:

after all that time sitting in a car, Sunday morning Pilates reset was very welcome πŸ™‚

Today the class was very technique focused, much more concentration on not wobbling and engaging the core and generally only moving the correct body parts while keeping the other ones stabilised! This was an eye opener too…with no balls or resistance bands and with Sarah going around correcting any postural mistakes / wobbles, it definitely took a lot more concentration and effort.

which was a good thing πŸ™‚

It was a useful reminder of the principles of the Pilates class, Β a reminder to get every movement precise while maintaining correct breathing and hold on your core muscles. I even dropped back a level on some moves, just to make sure I really got them right, rather than doing the more advanced one badly πŸ™‚


I can tell you, that for a move that looks so simple in pictures, the superman move, is remarkable hard when you have to concentrate on not rolling your hips towards the supporting leg! well worth the practice though πŸ™‚


Day 142 Complete πŸ˜€

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