Day 144: Jumping with kettlebells

Good morning 🙂

Last night, at PT, Matt made me jump with kettlebells…no-one should jump with kettlebells! Ok…I secretly loved it but don’t tell him just in case he gets the idea that I am enthusiastic and keen and not  really as cynical as I make out 😉

Ok… shhh we all know I am enthusiastic about all of this, no need to rub it in :-p

Anyhow, back to last night’s PT and Matt’s list of torture (his words not mine) which contained a lot of very hard kettlebell moves that I am going to find it difficult to explain concisely or even in a way that makes sense. I will give it a go though…

We started off with mobility exercises warm up, and then some extra stuff to fix my pins and needles-y forearm which  thing was a by-product of using a mouse all day.

Then we had about 45 mins of kettlebell fun including:

kettlebell row
Kettlebell plank row thingy

Kettlebell plank row thingies,

A warm up of: Kettlebell clean and press, kettlebell deadlift, kettlebell inverted rows.


kettlebell  jerks, where I had to swing the kettlebell and jump into the jerk (lunge) position while simultaneously swinging the kettlebell above my head with one hand and holding it still.

Kettlebell Jerk
Kettlebell Jerk

A similar one where I had to lunge forward, passing the kettlebell under my front leg, then jump and switch legs into a jerk position and lift the kettlebell above my head.

I had to swing and jump forward, stop swing the kettlebell above my head and hold it there while I turn around, then repeat,

I had to swing while sidestep jumping and then the same but changing hands with the kettlebell

I had to do high pulls while jumping backwards

I had to do squat jumps on and off a step (although this one really scared me as I am not used to being able to jump and I kept thinking I would trip…but I didn’t 😀 :-D)

I am sure I had to do some other things too..but I can’t remember all the details!

After all this crazy awesomeness, we did some boxing, and some kicking…and some forgetting the order or our really long kick / punch / defence combinations! In fact I can’t actually remember exactly what we did do at this point, but I do remember accidentally kicking Matt once or twice due to forgetting the order.

Yes…it was an accident!!

It was lots of fun as always 🙂

Therefore, I can quite happily say, day 144 complete 😀

( I apologise for the complete overuse of the word kettlebell in that post, it has now lost all meaning for me!)

6 thoughts on “Day 144: Jumping with kettlebells

    1. hehehe…they are awesome, I might try…but I can’t pretend otherwise!

      In theory, if you can hold a dumbell, you can hold a kettlebell…it is the swinging them around that is a little intimidating! you should try them though…start off light and don’t jump with them on your first go 😀


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