Day 145: A small amount of dancing progress

Good morning 🙂

Well…you know the motivation for this project was to get me fit enough to dance in a mask, or in other words, fit enough to hold my own with my morris side without anyone having to slow down or make allowances for me.

Well no, I am not completely there yet, but yesterday I danced in a way that leads me to believe I am getting there!

I have spoken before about the dance Spank the Monkey. It is a fast dance with some figures in it that if you get behind, you will not catch up.

lisa front and centre
Lisa in the front, see how fast and light she looks…also tall (but I can’t be tall…)

I may have spoken before about Martin Lisa and Dan, they are very quick, cover a lot of ground and are generally very good at this dancing thing.

so…last night, I danced spank the monkey with those three and I kept up and I didn’t have to take small steps to get around in time, in fact I very nearly covered as much ground as the rest of them 😀

It doesn’t sound much, but it was a big step for me 😀 the next one will be to do the same thing and still be able to breathe at the end!

As well as that, I did 13 other dances which were:

Maiden Castle, Our Henry (x2), Triskelle (x2), Foulmouthed Cat (x2), End of the WOrld (x2), Raggle Taggle Gypsy, Witch Hunt, Spank the Monkey, Star of the County Down, Fanny Frail.

which is 14 dances in all…which is a new record for an evening 😀 and it was aweseome fun…did I mention that 😀

So happily day 145 complete 😀

4 thoughts on “Day 145: A small amount of dancing progress

    1. 😀 thank you! 😀
      I am proud, I have obviously dance with them and this dance before, but always felt a little behind or slow or like they were making allowances.


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