Day 147: May I introduce Sophie the Sports Therapist.

Good morning 🙂

sohie the sports therapist
Sophie the Sports Therapist

Friday was the day that I finally went and saw Sophie the Sports Therapist about my shoulder. I can’t remember if I have mentioned that my shoulder has been hurting, well…my shoulder has been hurting on and off for about a year possibly longer, but mainly in a knotty needs a massage sort of way, which I thought I could fix with stretching… turns out this is not the case. It is not serious, but the knots and tightness and general crunched-upness have caused it to be a little bis oddly positioned now and the gap between the shoulder bone and arm bone has narrowed, so things are getting caught on each other when I move my arm…mostly if I put it above my head or rotate it.

In case you are wondering why I have been ignoring it, I genuinely thought it would go away, and it has been an intermittent fault as it were.

kinesio-kinesiology-tape-Anyway, Sophie poked and prodded (in a technical sports massage-y way) my shoulder and gave me some exercises to do every day (which I have been doing 🙂 ) and It should all be ok. Although I have another appointment on Friday to check it all out again.

My shoulder is now taped up to try to encourage me to remember not to hunch up.

The other thing worth noting, is that Sophie the Sports Therapist, and Matt the Trainer are friends, so they can gang up on me and discuss things that I need to do…I am sure this is technically a good thing :-S

So, for Friday’s exercises I decided to do the sensible thing and not go to the gym and lift heavy things up with my arms, I went home and did mainly lower body and core supersets instead 😀

I did:

Press ups (using app) sets of 14, 10, 14, 8, 8 with sets of the same number of squats in between.

Squats (2 x 20) with lunges (2x 10 per leg) in between)

Pilates leg raises, and clams (2x 20 of each on each leg)

Sit ups from the app, with bridges in between.

then I did my physio exercises like a good girl!

Day 147 complete 😀

7 thoughts on “Day 147: May I introduce Sophie the Sports Therapist.

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your shoulder. 😦
    I’ve had shoulder issues for a couple of years now. Like you, I initially ignored it, thinking it would solve itself. Then I began seeing a physio therapist. There was slight improvement, but nothing permanent. Eventually I saw an orthopaedic surgeon who was able to isolate the problems, but diagnosis was that I would need surgery to resolve it. From everything I’ve heard re that surgery, including from the doctor himself, it’s a very painful thing, with a very long and painfully slow recovery. I decided to do nothing , and just try to listen to my body and be cognizant of that shoulder.
    It’s funny because these days it doesn’t really hurt , but I can see very clearly that it is misaligned when I do things like upward rows in BodyPump. Looks way off. 😦
    Hope you get yours sorted out.


    1. thank you 🙂 it is mainly the fault of the way I use my mouse at work, and I think I should be able to fix it if I do what I am told, I hope so at any rate!

      I finally went and saw sophie because the alignment was so off that in normal standing I could see that my right shoulder stuck further forward! the end where things were catching is already feeling a lot better, I just have to be careful of it now, and make sure I do my exercises to stop me hunching…one of which involves lying length ways on a foam roller…this is harder then you might think!


  2. you lay on your back on the foam roller with it along the centre of your back and let your shoulders drop down each side, then do the same but with your arms out in a t shape. It opens out your chest apparently which somehow helps…it certainly feels like it does!


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