Day 150: I dedicate this Body Pump to Nancy

Nancy my lovely new blog friend from My Year of SweatΒ (if you haven’t read it go and read it…all…now!) posted yesterday that she has come down with a stinking cold just over 1 month from the end of her 365 project and as such will have to do only sensible cardio…and miss her Body Pump class.

So in the spirit of solidarity / craziness / something or other… I promised to lift extra for her!

no idea why these chaps showed up in my search for body pump pictures...
no idea why these showed up in my search for body pump pictures…

So of course that is what I did πŸ™‚ it was a good kick for me to up my weights again, but only on the leg tracks… not on the upper body tracks…for the sake of my mending shoulder πŸ˜€

This means I am up to 20kg on the squats and 15kg on the lunges…yes lunges, you heard that correctly…I upped the weights on the lunges :-S despite it being an awful track!

The good news is, I survived with the new weights, and I came away from the class with a shoulder that did not feel bad πŸ˜€

3 kgI am still a tiny bit bored during the bicep track mud you…I can definitely do it with the weights, I definitely need to up the weights, but am stuck with the problem that the 3kg dumbbells are the biggest there are and the next weight up is the 5kg plate which is too big for my hands… I going to have to talk to the instructor about this…

all in all a good work out and definitely, day 150 complete πŸ˜€


14 thoughts on “Day 150: I dedicate this Body Pump to Nancy

  1. YAY!! I’m honoured by your dedication of Day 150 BodyPump to me — and so PROUD of you for upping your weights on Squats and Lunges. You are in full beast mode now, Sam! Rock on my sister in sweat!


    1. πŸ™‚ yay! sister i sweat sounds awesome (and a bit icky but mainly awesome)

      the fact that I had promised to do extra for you kept me going in the lunges! horrible lunges!



      1. That lunge track is the worst! My lower leg literally starts vibrating 3/4 of the way through. And do you notice how many in the class break from lunges and revert back to squats DURING the track (as a break)? So…even with shaky legs, I figure I’m a bad-ass just for sticking with lunges the entire track.
        Sisters in Sweat does sound a bit icky — but YAY for sweat! πŸ™‚


      2. no one reverts back to squats on our class, but a lot do put the weight down and just do bodyweight lunges…
        definitely bad ass for doing the whole track! even with shaky legs..which i definitely have too!!

        YAY for sweat πŸ˜€


    1. Hehehe…they are a bit stare-y aren’t they! They were quite high up in the image search when you search “body pump weight 10kg” or words to that effect so I thought they could have a place πŸ˜€


  2. I’m so impressed with you increasing your weights! Heck, I’m always impressed by both you and Nancy being so dedicated! The cats are not creeping me out, send them to me πŸ™‚


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