Day 151: strange things to do with a core bag

Hello world…sorry for my brief period of hibernation…rest assured I have been doing exercise in between the copious amounts of sleeping I have done over the last couple of days!

Anyway…on to Tuesday (day 151)

pretty Autumn walk
On Tuesday lunchtime I went for a walk, I am vaguely embarrassed at taking a self portrait thingie however, I felt the need to show off my hat and my duffel coat…it was very chilly, I needed a duffel coat!

Anyway, it was a nice walk, I went about 2 km although I didn’t track it with anything I just marched about and got slightly lost (which is a little odd as I was about 10 mins away from my work but shhh). I feel I should have been running but it was good to get some fresh air and walking about done in the middle of the day…and it got me a little bit closer to mordor!

That however was not the main focus of Tuesdays activity…in case you hadn’t guessed by now, it was PT day 😀 and I had to do some slightly strange things with a core bag and a trx. But only after a warm up on the cross trainer, which sneakily contained 2 mins of sprint intervals too…

ballchestpressWe started off with chest presses, chest flies and one armed chest presses on the pilates ball…I think the point of the chest press during this is to distract you from the fact that holding yourself steady with your shoulders on a pilates ball while waving your arms around is an incredible core strength exercise…


core bags
core bags

Than came the core bags, has anyone out there tried to swing a 10kg around their head without, a) hitting themselves in the head, 2) dropping it on the increasingly worried looking man doing stretched next to them…no? well I have now, and they are tricky! What about holding the end hold, and sort of swinging / flicking it up and over until it is sitting on your shoulder, then repeating onto the other shoulder? well..a.gain…I now have done that…it is more tricky than some people make it look in their demonstrations! I also did core bag power cleans, which were a piece of cake in comparison.

the trx craziness for today involved squats, rollouts, straight armed pull up thingies and muscle ups…oh and attempting to hang from the trx handles then they are at the very top of the frame…turns out this last on hurts my taped up shoulder!

then came the hitting and the kicking 🙂 there was lots of it 😀 it was awesome… we were building up and putting together longer and longer combinations, similar to the one a described in detail a couple of weeks ago. It was awesome fun and quick and hard work, a lot of the difficulty came from remembering what we were supposed to be doing, there were a few times in the combos when one or other of us forgot the next thing and there was nearly mishap…

there wasn’t though 😀

Day 151 complete 😀

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