Day 155 & 156 More exercise reduces soreness

Or at least that is what I told myself this weekend! my upper body and core ached crazy amounts (as I have already mentioned) but gymnastics was completely worth it šŸ˜€ so this weekend my general philosophy was ignore it and more work will loosen the muscles up and make you feel better…and it worked šŸ™‚ up to a point…

anyway enough of that…it is bordering on complaining which will never do šŸ˜€

Saturday (day 155)

Saturday’s work out followed a similar to last saturday’s work out šŸ™‚ I started in the main gym on the cross trainer, on which I did 3 min warm up followed by 5 mins sprint intervals (20s as fast as possibly, 20 s normal) which is an improvement as not so long ago, I could only manage 3 mins!

After this I once again braved the free weights room and found it even emptier than last week…there were only two people in there who were nice enough even if they appeared little unbalanced in their approach…however I know nothing of their work out plan so I can’t really comment. They left me alone and I left them alone and that was all fine šŸ™‚ I did the following (according to the stronglift program)

SquatsSquat 5 x 5 at 30 kg, bench press 2 x 5 at 32.5 kg and 3 x 5 at 30 kg, One armed rows 4 x 5 at 14kg. Followed by stretching. My goal for next time I do this, is to do full bent over rows with a barbel, I just keep finding a time when they are not available, and chickening out!

So that was saturday.

Saunday (day 156)

Sunday, was a very welcome Pilates class, the control of posture and stretching was very nice in my achy state. Today’s class made use of both the little green balls and the resistance bands.

lateral_trunk_muscles_with_the_pilates_ball_548__2I like working with the little green balls, it adds extra dimension to the exercises and adds another level so you can challenge yourself. After all there is no point in doing the same thing once it has become easy šŸ™‚ this is especially true for core strength exercises I discovered.

single leg stretch on a ball (thanks to the pilates studio blog)

the addition of a small squishy ball, destabilises you enough that the single leg stretch exercise (or the more advanced double leg stretch) really really works the core…this is a good thing mind you, as it would seem that core strength is integral so handstands, as well as shoulder strength, and I want to strengthen as much as I can to keep from collapsing on my head again!

so with an excess of core strengthening, day 155 & 156 complete šŸ˜€

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