Day 157: Pumping in Hobbit feet

Hobbit feet! 

My new feet

ok…they are not technically Hobbit feet, they are my feet in my new Vibram Five Finger shoes (which should really be called five toe shoes but that is not as alliteratively pleasing)

they are both awesome and really really weird and freaky at the same time… They are going to take some getting used to and I am going to walk in them for a while before I try running! They are designed to simulate being barefoot, without actually being barefoot, so you don’t tear your feet to shreds. In theory they help strengthen your feet and allow you to use your legs properly. Once you get over the fact that you are wearing weird hobbit feet shoes, can see your toes and you feel like you are outside in your socks they are pretty comfy. Although my toes are not used to being separated so Wearing them for short periods at first is in order!

In the spirit of getting used to my new feet, I wore them to Body pump class last night 🙂 which was pretty odd… they kept distracting me!

Body pump in Hobbit feet

 They were quite good to wear, you definitely got a sense of how your weight was distributed and it made you conscious of how you were standing. They are no good for doing lunges mind you, as you need to have your back leg up on the toes, this was extremely uncomfortable in these shoes…probably because my feet are not used to them and are used to being supported by trainers. 

Aside from my weird feet, body pump was pretty standard! I felt more tired this week for no identifiable reason, but I stuck to my increased weights and gave everything a good go so ended up getting a pretty good work out (as is to be expected of body pump)  😀 I am definitely looking forward to the new release of body pump mind you, I like a bit of variety! 

So with weights and hobbit feet, day 157 complete 😀

11 thoughts on “Day 157: Pumping in Hobbit feet

  1. I’ve thought about getting some shoes like that but 1) I always thought they looked silly and 2) I am afraid they won’t be comfortable. I may have to give them a try, but we’ll see. Shoes seem to be the most expensive part of doing all of this!


    1. I will let you know how I get on!
      I think it is going to take some getting used to and some getting over the fact that they look so odd! I thought the black ones were the most normal!

      I found them on sports pursuit website as a flash sale so they were much cheaper than normal…I decided not to spend a fortune on an experiment!


  2. Oh my God…I can’t…
    Those shoes creep me out SO much. Especially when people wear them to non gym places, like the mall. Or the airport.

    There are regular looking shoes (trainers) that are Minimalist (new balance has some) that mimic what these creepy toe shoes do, but without the creep factor. 😉

    Just teasing you. If you like them, good on ya!

    But do be careful wearing them for running. Everything I’ve read suggests that unless you have really good form you should where supportive trainers. These ones could hurt your knees and back.


    1. they are a bit creepy! I keep getting distracted by my feet!! I haven’t decided if I like them yet…but I think I do 🙂

      I plan to wear them to walk in and gym in for a while before I run and then short bursts of running as well as practicing midfoot striking with my normal running shoes…I am going to break myself in gently!

      just to creep you out more…I have them on at work at the moment…I wore them at lunchtime for a practice walk and haven’t changed back yet…I feel like a Hobbit…


  3. Your blog has 2000 hits – does that mean I am the 2000th visitor?? I’m not convinced by the shoes I’m afraid, I kind of agree with Nancy! But if they are good for you then enjoy your hobbit-ness! 😀


    1. 2000 hits Wow I didn’t know that 🙂 you must be the 2000th 🙂

      I am still undecided on the shoes…I like the principle but they are pretty odd…mind you I quite like being a hobbit 🙂


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