Day 158: Why are there so many people?!

Specifically, why are there so many people at Broadbridge Heath Gym in the evening? (this is not a rant about over population)

Ok…I know more people go to the gym on their way home from work, is it easier than going out again later…I know that, that’s why I was doing it!

However, I was not expecting every piece of equipment to be used and there to be people waiting to use things…

no-treadmillI managed to get a treadmill…horror of horror…I was trying a new thing in my hobbit feet and simultaneously attempting to get over my fear of treadmills. I discovered that I could walk on a treadmill in my hobbit shoes but trying to run on it was still too scary. Possibly the combination of treadmill fear and very odd shoes made the experience more traumatic than it should be! I may have to accept that treadmills are not for me, and just get on with thing 🙂

So after 7 mins treadmill walking for a warm up, I moved on to bike sprints, where I discovered that the feet holders on gym bikes are tall enough to accommodate people wearing actual shoes, so my feet kept slipping through, so that only lasted 3 mins! After this, I tried to do strength work, but everything was in use, literally everything… and waiting for stuff is just a waste of time and makes me feel self-conscious.

So I went home, and started again…

I did some aerobics style sidesteps and such to warm up (again) then did:

press ups from my app (16, 12, 14, 10, 10) with aerobic sidesteps and knee raises in the rests.

2 x 20 squats interspersed with 2 x kettlebell clean and presses, 5 per arm,  10 x kettlebell swing to stop above head turn round and repeat.

IMG_2626[1]I concede that I am documenting this in a slightly strange order, but I also went for a 25 min walk yesterday lunchtime 🙂 I walked in my new shoes (this was a theme for yesterday) and I didn’t find them too bad walking around outside in the world. I will say, that they looked a little bit odd with my work trousers 😛 but it is all good practice.

Day 158 complete with hobbit feet 😀

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