Day 161: Friday Gym Observations

Yes, that’s right, I actually made it to the gym after work on a Friday 🙂

It is much better than attempting it on a Tuesday, much quieter…I suppose there are lots of people who subscribe to the “its Friday I’ll just go home / to the pub” mentality…

So with a quieter gym I could generally get on with what I needed to do so here is what I did…

7 mins cross trainer (3 mins warm up 4 mins 20 s interval sprints)

Romanian_deadliftthen: Barbell rows 5 x 5 at 30 kg, Standing Military Press 2 x 5 at 20 kg, Bench press 3 x 5 at 32.5 kg and 2 x 5 at 30 kg, Romanian Deadlifts 5 x 5 at 30 kg.

Sadly there is no squat rack in the gym I was at this Friday, or at least there is no squat rack that is ever free / being used as a squat rack. There is a piece of equipment that can be used for dips / pull ups that can also be set up as a squat rack and it is always being used by someone for pull ups / dips… which makes squatting difficult!

However, due to a slight pull in my quad that appeared at gymnastics, I decided that no heavy squats was not a problem, so I went to the trx and did 3 x 10 body-weight squats, 3 x 5 inverted body-weight rows and 3 x 5 press ups.

I was pretty pleased with my work out, and surprised at the efficiency with which I can get all that done, it takes 40 mins max to do all that 😀

gym-etiquetteI do have a few observations, that have probably been made before but not by me.. so here goes:

If you are in the gym “working out” and you have you phone on you and are talking to someone on your hands free kit expect me to look a) confused when I think you are talking to yourself and 2) grumpy when you are in the way arguing with your girlfriend!

If you work out using free weights bars…please put your weights back when you are finished…it is not hard!

If you come to the gym in groups of 3 and hog the benches while every one of you has gone through 3/ 5 / whatever number of sets, at least have the courtesy to not stand about chatting between sets.

If you want to use the equipment next, don’t stand around near my feet looking grumpy in the hope I’ll go away…I probably won’t but I might tell you how long I am going to be if you ask…not in the middle of a set mind you…

anyway, all that aside…day 161 complete 🙂

8 thoughts on “Day 161: Friday Gym Observations

  1. Bad gym etiquette drives me mental. Phone use is THE WORST! I glare at those people.

    I miss squats. Couldn’t do any from Tuesday on, for obvious reasons. And even know, as I’m in healing mode, I don’t think it’s a great idea. Soon…


      1. I don’t blame you! Take it easy(ish) and make sure you are better…I’ll do an extra squat for you (but I am not putting my weights up again yet…probably) 🙂


  2. Bad gym/swim etiquette really annoy me, I don’t even take my phone into the gym – why would I?! My gym is also pretty empty on a Friday (and also Thursday) – I think people lose their enthusiasm throughout the week!


    1. I don’t take my phone in to they gym either, I want to take a picture (a general one not specific people) for this blog, of my gyms and the free weights room and things, but I would feel weird taking my phone in case people got annoyed that I was taking photos…

      there is not tooo much bad etiquette at my gym, but those things are getting worse!

      I like that the weekends are quieter (more space for me 🙂 )


      1. No, take photos of the badly behaved ones – name and shame! (Only joking, hehe). Photos would be cool – maybe you can get some when it’s quiet?

        Mine gets busier again on the weekend, after the peace on a Friday night. I think though that it’s partly because I always have a swim when I’m there and on a Saturday they block off 2/3 of the pool for children’s swimming lessons for most of the day so the rest of us have to squish in!


      2. eeeek swimming near children!? children scare me! I don’t venture near the pool at the weekend for this very reason!

        The weekends in the gym are much quieter, I will sneak some pictures next time I go (i forgot again this morning!) I need to photograph the free weights room too at the other gym 😀


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