Day 163: Not your standard Sunday…

Guess what, it was sunday and I didn’t have Pilates, which was a shame actually, I missed it. However it was replaced by another excellent activity…

A dance out πŸ˜€

It was the Weald and Downland museum’s annual tree dressing dayΒ at which Mythago always perform. It is a lot of fun and involves hanging jars of fire on a tree…

when I say jars of fire, I mean tea light candles but jars of fire sounds much better!

red hat
Pre-dancing stand about!

The day was split into 5 sections, 3 dance stands, the procession and the pre-dancing stand about…

the pre dancing stand about is pictured there, you can see me in my amazing red hat…it is awesome and red (this is just a gratuitous hat picture really..) now on to the dancing!

our henry 1
Our Henry (attempt 1)

The first stand was stand alone dances where we do random dances according to the preferences of the side / squire / acting squire / Thor. The first dance of the stand was a dance I have mentioned before, called Our Henry. Just to make things interesting, we did it to the tune of another dance Maiden Castle…it sort of worked…and I am sure noone who doesn’t know the dances would notice… We danced Our Henry, Triskelle, Witch Hunt, Star of the County Down, Foul Mouthed Cat. I wore orange…can you spot me in the photo…

Herne hangs himself

The second of our stands was the story of Herne the Hunter.Β THis is a relatively short story, having only 4 dances in it of which I was only in the last one Avebury Ring (alt title The Wild Hunt…which Herne is said to lead.)

Looking at the photo…Lisa is pretty good at looking like she has been hung, but, just in case anyone is worried…she is fine πŸ™‚

Our last stand of the day was another set of stand alone dances, in which we danced…Maiden castle, Our Henry, Spank the Monkey and Fanny Frail.

This time…for novelty value, we did Our Henry to the correct music πŸ™‚ It is an awesome dance, and no one minded doing it twice, it was certainly easier the second time round…

our henry
Our Henry looking awesome

Look how awesome we look, the nice straight lines and coloured kit πŸ˜€

Once all of the dancing was done, there was a procession, lead by Rabble (the other Morris Side who were there) which Mythago (well some of us) brought up the rear…It was a nice walk around the Weald and Downland site while rhythmically banging sticks together in tune to martin’s violin πŸ™‚ All topped off with a Spiral dance around the tree where people had hung jars of fire πŸ™‚ It was an excellent dance out and an excellent day all round πŸ™‚

Day 163 Complete πŸ˜€


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