Day 164: Monday Monday

Monday…pump day 🙂

It was  better class than last week, I was more enthusiastic in general.

pump chest pressThis of course meant I increased my weights where possible…well some of them, the squats are still fairly high and I only upped them 2 weeks ago, but I upped the chest weight…

I also finally discovered that there are (well hidden) adjustable weight dumbells in the body pump room, I shall be making use of these next week 😀 No I didn’t use them this week…why? I hear you ask…well I discovered them too late, only after the class was over! so next week I promise.

pump question.Well probably next week, I have to admit I am starting to have my doubts about body pump…I have problems with the repetitive nature of the exercises and the fact that it is the same thing every week…The really big problem I have is that I am no longer sure it is doing me much good. I am fairly sure it is not doing me harm, and from the point of view “anything is better than nothing” then it is definitely something. However, I am not sure if it is going to be right for me for much longer, I don’t 100% know what I am aiming for with the classes, with so many reps I can’t lift that heavy, although I do my best, but at light weights I am not sure if I am doing much good any more. So In the world where I am progressing with lots of strength training, I am not sure if body pump is strength training enough any more. It is also not cardio enough to be cardio training.

I can’t decide whether it is just because I am bored with this release, or whether I am developing similar feelings towards body pump that I have towards other Les Mills “body xxxx” classes; they are a cut down version of the thing they are emulating…

However…I remain undecided and I used to like body pump so It maybe just that this release is one I don’t like. SO I am going to give it a chance until the new release and reassess. After all as part of the varied exercises I do it is definitely not a bad thing 😀

There are too many other views out there too to make this easy to figure out!

Despite my doubts…Day 164 complete 😀

7 thoughts on “Day 164: Monday Monday

  1. Wait a minute, you don’t find Pump to be a cardio workout? Wow! I am dripping sweat from my elbows during the class! The only tracks that don’t give me that cardio feeling are the small muscle groups (shoulders, bi’s, tri’s) and ab tracks. All the others have my heart rate up and my body drenched!

    Hoping you like the new release better!


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