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Day 165: Now it is Tuesdays that are tricky

Remember a little while ago when I said Thursdays were tricky…and now they are not so tricky because of gymnastics… well now it is Tuesdays turn to be tricky.

tuesdaysWe all know, in the grand scheme of things, Tuesday is the worst day of the week, but having PT on it used to make it better…But the gym was soooo busy so we are trying out PT on different days and mornings and such like… SO now I have to find something to do on a Tuesday…

But that is ok…there are other options open to me…but since I am out of the house every other evening this week (and most weeks) I decided that a home bodyweight superset(ish) routine was the way forward 😀


Like this…only with my feet on stairs instead of a ball :-S

The routine followed the same format as my normal home routines, with a little bit of switching around just for fun 😉

12 mins mini step machine

Press-ups (16, 16, 12, 11, 10) with lunges (x10 per leg) in the breaks

Squats (20, 16, 14, 15)

Weird pike plank thingies with my feet higher than my hands (by four stairs) which nearly resulted in my falling on my head :-S

Then I did the exercises given to m by Sophie and lay on my foam roller for a while 😀

SO…in a not bad for a Tuesday fashion, Day 165 Complete 🙂


  1. So, with all the strength you’re doing, is it fair to say you’ve cut back on cardio? Not a judgment, rather, I ask because I’ve heard many, many people say that if you life fast and heavy enough, you need not do a lot of separate cardio. True in your opinion or not?


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