Day 167: Cop-out confession

sorryNo…. not of the whole thing…I still did something!!

But I didn’t go to gymnastics…

Neither Lisa or Matt could come with me last night (for perfectly good reasons 🙂 ) and I had a bit of a confidence crisis and didn’t want to go on my own…I was scared of being rubbish, and I was tired.

I know I should have gone, I feel like I have slightly let myself down for not going, but I didn’t go.

So here is what I did instead, I found an aerobics class, my reasoning was, I have been slightly neglecting my cardio stuff recently and concentrating on strength so a good cardio work out was probably going to do me good. So I turned up at Billingshurst Leisure centre…only to discover that the aerobics class had been cancelled. So I went into the gym and did not to the cardio that I had planned.

I have only been in Billingshurst gym once before, I haven’t technically had an induction there, but they let me in. As the gym is more or less the same as all the others in the DC chain that I go to, this didn’t actually matter in my case but I am sure it is technically a bit iffy.

When I say more or less the same, I mean more or less the same but with fewer useful freeweights…one barbell…one…in the whole gym…blimey!

Anyhow I can adapt…I am that good…so this is what I did:

Dumbbell-romanian-deadlift5 mins warm up on the cross trainer
5 x 5 1 armed rows (each arm) with 16 kg,
5 x 5 dumbbell overhead presses with 10kg each hand,
5 x 5 dumbbell romanian deadlifts with 16 kg per hand,
4 x 5 bench press with 32.5 kg and 1 x 5 bench press with 30 kg.
4 x 10 count cable machine core press each side
2 x 10 core bag squats 20 kg
I tried to superset this as much as possible, but due to there being one other person using the weights area it was not possible to superset everything.

It turned out to be a reasonable work out and I managed to improve my bench press weight by one more set at the higher weight and my row weight to 32 kg so all was not completely lost. But I still walked out of the gym feeling like a cop out, and that I was making no headway at all towards getting fit / looking better / feeling better / being healthy. My logical brain knows it isn’t true…there just seems like there is so much more to do and I should be trying so much harder.

I think the poser lad types in the gym didn’t help, in fact I know they didn’t help. Getting plates off the bench press rack (not the bar but the spare plates section) and leaning them up against the bench while I was actually using it didn’t make me feel like they were taking me that seriously. Anyway I am at least happy in the knowledge that I did something, and it was not a bad work out in the end 🙂

I promise to bring back the less rubbish, more positive version of me tomorrow 😀

Day 167 complete 🙂

20 thoughts on “Day 167: Cop-out confession

  1. You held your own in the free weights section with the aggressive meat heads encroaching your space. That is courage. I know how intimidating that can be.

    Question; is the cross trainer the thing I refer to as an elliptical machine? If so, may I ask why you didn’t use it longer if you were looking for more cardio?


    1. I think the cross trainer and elliptical are the same thing, I thought about using it more but I was a really odd mood yesterday and I had a set pattern of “things I do in the gym” stuck in my head and I have a short attention span on cardio machines…

      It is a very good question though 😀


      1. Possibly, also, dedicated 🙂 I used to spend ages on them, I will spend longer if I have my music but didn’t bring it as I expected to be doing something else 🙂


      2. I only use elliptical down in my home gym (basement) – where I have a TV. So I’ll just get lost in a show(s) and pedal away like a banshee. Next thing I know I’ll have gone 10 – 15 kms and am pouring sweat. 🙂


      3. I hear ya on that. I try to keep my treadmill / elliptical time in a gym to 40 mins or less. My only exception to that rule is when I’m here in Vegas and have to use the wee gym at the condo. The best piece of cardio equipment they’ve got is the stairmaster, which I’ll do for up to an hour. And then collapse in a pool of sweat and spaghetti legs. 🙂


      4. When I was at university u used to spend hours on the step machine which is more or less the same as a stair master thingie I think! I even went in there on my graduation day between graduation and the graduation ball!

        I can understand it when you are away from home you have to use whatever is available!

        Hang on…if you are in Vegas…that means there are other people in Canada reading my blog O_o It shows up in my stats! Blimey!


      5. The step machine and mini stepper are actually quite different from the stairmaster, I think. With the others, your feet remain planted and you push down to gain movement up and down. With the stairmaster it mimics climbing stairs, you actually keep walking up a flight of stairs that never ends. It is, without a doubt, for me the toughest cardio workout.

        You may be getting clicks from Canada through my post today where I linked to you. 🙂 I usually have a handful of Canadian readers, although most of mine are from the U.S.


      6. Oh blimey I will have to google the stair master, I thought it was like the stepper! I don’t count my mini stepper really as enough for anything more than a warm up…I continuous flight of stairs sounds terrifying! Well done for doing that for an hour!! !


      7. Last January, when I started this whole thing, I tried using it here in Vegas. I couldn’t last 7 minutes. I’m not exaggerating. So, when I got to a personal best of 60 mins in August – I nearly died of happiness. That’s 200 flights of stairs, without stopping!


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